Audemars Piguet

  • Located On Level 1
  • Nearest Parking B
  • +971 43411121
  • Opening Hours : 10:00 A.M - 12:00 midnight
Opening Hours : 10:00 A.M - 12:00 midnight

Audemars Piguet was the brainchild of two young men passionately dedicated to fine watch making, Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. In 1875, they decided to unite their skills in order to design and produce watches with complex mechanisms in the Vallée de Joux, the cradle of Haute Horlogerie.

Audemars Piguet is the oldest fine watch-making manufacturer never to have left the hands of its founding families. This gives the company an independent streak that allows it to go its own way and follow its own unique vision.


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