Pierre Cardin

  • Located On Ground Floor
  • Nearest Parking A
  • +971 561883733
  • Opening Hours : 10:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M
Opening Hours : 10:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M
Pierre Cardin is a prestigious French fashion brand named after its founder. 

Pierre Cardin was born into a wealthy Italian family that settled in France. From a young age, he was interested in fashion design and started his career as a clothier’s apprentice. He would go on to head Christian Dior's tailleur atelier before setting up his own fashion house in 1950. 

The brand and the designer are responsible for some of the most iconic fashion trends in the 60s and 70s. Pierre Cardin is best known for its experimental, daring and outlandish creations and its penchant for incorporating geometric shapes into designs. The designs are often inspired by oriental traditions and everyday social and cultural practices from around the world. 

Today, the brand has expanded into many other product categories like perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, writing instruments, and tableware.

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