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Mall of the Emirates welcomes Chinese residents and tourists

Incredible acrobatic ‘Magical China’ show and prize giveaways, 16 – 24 Feb


Majid Al Futtaim – the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia – is celebrating the occasion of Chinese New Year in line with Dubai’s Retail Calendar, with a stunning acrobatic performance and prize giveaways at Mall of the Emirates until 24 February.

Hussain Moosa, Director for Mall of the Emirates at Majid Al Futtaim – Properties said, “With 64% of the mall’s North Asian tourist segment originating from China, Mall of the Emirates recognises the importance of creating new and engaging experiences for its Chinese visitors each year. The mall was the first in Dubai to celebrate Chinese New Year in 2013, an occasion that is now a strategic initiative of the Government of Dubai.”

“As part of our vision to create great moments for everyone, every day, Majid Al Futtaim invites residents and visitors of all nationalities to visit the mall at this auspicious time and join this culturally enriching event. It is sure to be a memorable experience.”

The fantasy show ‘Magical China’ will feature dancers dressed as lotuses, a flower of great importance in the country’s culture, pretty parasols and contortionists who will perform mind-bending feats for the 15-minute extravaganza. Suitable for all ages, the stunning show will run three times a day in the mall’s South Galleria.

Meanwhile, shoppers who shop for AED 1,000 at any of the mall’s retailers will be eligible to enter a prize draw with winnings worth AED 15,000 given away each day. Open to all visitors of all nationalities, the competition will run until 24 February.

According to tradition,* people born in one of these years (1970 or 1994, for instance) have certain personality traits in common, being loyal, sincere, amiable, kind, prudent and cautious. They are also said to share the following characteristics.

Lucky numbers: Three, four and nine, plus combinations of these digits, such as the numbers 34 and 49

Lucky dates: The seventh and 28th of every Chinese lunar month

Lucky colours: Red, green and purple

Lucky flowers: Rose, orchid and cymbidium

Lucky directions: East, south and north-east

Lucky months: The sixth, 10th and 12th Chinese lunar months

Unlucky numbers: One, six and seven, plus combinations of these digits

Unlucky colours: Blue, white and gold

Unlucky flowers: Rose, orchid and cymbidium

Unlucky direction: South-east

Unlucky months: The fifth and eighth Chinese lunar months

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