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Learn new skills in one of our workshops

Create your own beautiful ‘Talli’, a traditional textile, similar to bobbin lace, in our live workshop with Emirati artisans.  Learn how to twist and braid the colorful strands of thread together to create the intricate designs that have been used to adorn Emirati women’s clothing for many generations, in a tradition passed on from mother to daughter. 

In our live workshop, watch traditional Emirati burqa artisans – called Quraizah Burqa – as they recreate traditional burqas, handcrafted of delicate fabric and worn over the face by married women to distinguish them from their single counterparts.

Join in and make your own personalized burqa as a cultural memento. 

Experience the traditional art of making dukhoon, a form of bakhoor, made from a blend of oud, amber, musk, and botanical ingredients. Recreate it yourself in this one-of-a-kind workshop by grinding the oud and mixing it with fragrant oils to create your very own signature scent. 

Learn about the traditional art of Khoos, the handwoven palm leaves used to make house roofs and floor mats. Watch modern Emiratis artisans create beautiful plates, baskets and more from weaving dried palm leaves in a myriad of colors, through a naturally dying process.