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Parking Information



Visitors Parking - Schedule of Fees

Free Parking on Weekends and Public Holidays

Monday - Friday
0 – 4 hrsFREE
4 – 5 hrsAED 20
5 – 6 hrsAED 40
6 – 7 hrsAED 60
7 – 8 hrsAED 100
8 hrs +AED 150
OvernightAED 350

The parking fee applies for every additional hour or part of an hour.

Hours of Operation

6:00 am to 2:00 am, 5 days a week

How to use the Mall's Car Park

When you park your vehicle in this car park, you are accepting our terms and conditions. You can read the terms and conditions at the mall entrances and pay machines. Please ensure that you keep your ticket with you at all times.

Before you return to your vehicle, we request that you validate or pay at one of the pay machines at the mall gates. Once you have paid, you will have 15 minutes to exit the car park. To exit the car park, insert your ticket in the ticket reader located at each exit point. If the time exceeds 15 minutes, the additional stay will be subject to additional parking fees.

If you have stayed in the mall for less than 4 hours on weekdays, you must still validate your ticket at the pay machine. Please follow the instructions below.

How to pay at the machines inside the mall

  • Please insert your ticket where indicated, and your parking fee will show on display.
  • You can enter any combination of the following banknotes: AED 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500.
  • Take your change if there is any, from the indicated change tray.
  • Then request your receipt by pressing the Receipt button and collect it from the same tray.
  • You can pay using your credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.
  • Take your validated ticket and proceed to exit in less than 15 minutes.

How to replace a lost ticket

  • At one of the pay machines located inside the mall, please press the Lost Ticket button below the display screen in the centre of the machine.
  • There will be a lost ticket fee of AED 150 which will be displayed. The fee applies even if your ticket is lost during the free parking period.
  • The fee is non-refundable even if the ticket is found after you have made your payment.
  • You can pay the fee following the How to Pay directions, and the machine will issue you with a new ticket.
  • Take the new ticket and proceed to the exit in less than 15 minutes.

How to replace a faulty ticket

In case you read 'Ticket is faulty' on the display screen of the pay machine, please press the intercom for assistance.

The parking operator will ask you to read your ticket serial number.
You will find the number printed on the front, next to the mall's logo. 
The parking operator will remotely check your ticket details. Next, the parking fee of your ticket will automatically display on the pay machine.
Pay the fee following the 'How to Pay directions, and the machine will issue a new ticket. 
Take the new ticket and proceed to exit in less than 15 minutes.

For VOX Cinemas and Ski Dubai customers only

Customers of VOX Cinemas and Ski Dubai can redeem two additional free hours of parking. Extra hours after this are charged as per the schedule of fees.

Present your parking ticket to a VOX Cinemas' cashier, and the team will check if you are eligible for this offer. If you qualify, then the cashier will apply the additional free hours on your ticket.

After that, please validate your ticket at the pay machine, before you return to your car.

For Any Assistance

If you need assistance with the parking management system, please press the intercom. You can find Intercoms at entry and exit points, as well as all the pay machines.
You can also call 04 3400312 or email: [email protected].

Mall of the Emirates reserves the right to add, change or modify any of the above terms and conditions, procedures, parking fees without prior notice.