Zeman Awwal Souq in Dubai | Mall of the Emirates
Zeman Awwal Carpets

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar emulates traditional shopping in the UAE by preserving the culture and heritage of the time-honoured Arab market. Arabian aesthetics, including classic carpets and other Arabesque accessories, offer a touch of timeless elegance.


Zeman Awwal Treasures


Beautiful products are made of the highest quality materials. Veg-tanned camel leather with intricate, vintage touches is hand-stitched to perfection. All are seamlessly completed with sophisticated designs and unique detailing.


Zeman Awwal Oud

Oud Craft

Oud Craft is a brand specialising in agarwood that exemplifies the purity and luxury of traditional Arab perfumery. The brand seeks to thrill and inspire customers by collecting the finest oud worldwide and offers a unique selection of the most striking designs to ignite the senses.


Zeman Awwal Arabian Delights

Grand Bazaar

One of Dubai's most notable retailers, Grand Bazaar, provides various traditional, historical and cultural shopping experiences. They offer a diverse collection of heritage products such as spices, herbs, natural oils, dried fruits and nuts, honey, and Arabic coffee.


Zeman Awwal Modern Souvenirs

Al Jaber Gallery

Since the 1960s, Al Jaber Gallery has offered a varied array of gifts and souvenirs that celebrate the rich culture of the UAE.

Their products range from traditional and locally sourced antiques to modern must-haves worldwide.


Zeman Awwal Traditional Beauty

Camel Soap Factory

This innovative factory offers sustainable and environmentally friendly natural skincare products made from locally sourced camel milk.