Creative Emirati Workshops in Dubai | Mall of the Emirates

Learn new skills in one of our creative workshops.


Come and create your own beautiful Talli with Emirati artisans at your side, guiding you every step of the way in this live workshop.

Learn how to twist and braid the colourful strands of thread together to create the intricate designs that have been used to adorn Emirati women’s clothing for generations.


Watch and enjoy as Emirati burqa artisans recreate the traditional Quraizah Burqa in front of your eyes.

Married women wear these traditional face coverings to distinguish them from their single counterparts.

Join in and make your very own personalised burqa.


Experience the traditional art of making "Dukhoon", an incense blend of oud, amber, musk, and botanical ingredients.

Create your own signature Arabian Bakhoor in this one-of-a-kind workshop.


Join Emirati artisans as they practice the traditional art of Khoos. Watch them skillfully hand-weave dried palm leaves into plates, baskets, floor mats and much more, in myriad colours using a natural dying process.