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August 2018

You Need To Know These Skin-Saving Beauty Tips

Banish breakouts and get your glow on.

The expert guide to keeping your skin clear

The expert guide to keeping your skin clear


Anyone who has suffered from acne will know that it can dent your self-esteem. The dread and disappointment of waking up in the morning to see yet another angry, swollen mound is enough to make anyone want to sack off the day and hide under the covers. 

If you’re struggling with a skin woe (be it a one-off pimple or a more severe case of acne), don’t despair! Instead, concentrate on soothing your skin and improving the situation as best possible. 

While we’ve yet to come across just one magic cure-it-all product, we have found some brilliant beauty buys that will undoubtedly aid in healing current spots and helping to reduce future breakouts.

Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel at Boots Pharmacy in Mall of the Emirates and City Centres

Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel, Boots Pharmacy, visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Deira, City Centre Sharjah, City Centre Fujairah, City Centre Me'aisem, City Centre Bahrain and City Centre Muscat


Cleansing is the first and one of the most critical steps in a skincare routine, especially for oily complexions. Make sure you wash your face thoroughly at least twice a day with a formula especially suited to your skin type. However, steer clear of harsh ingredients (such as alcohol) that will only dry out your complexion, making the pores produce more oil to compensate for lack of moisture. 

Beauty tip: Avoid confusing and stressing out your skin by using many masks and scrubs to fix the problem. Take a more streamlined route with simple yet effective products to balance out your skin’s PH level.

Rodial Vit C Pads at Harvey Nichols Dubai available in Mall of the Emirates

Rodial Vit C Brightening Cleansing Pads, Harvey Nichols Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates 


Acid exfoliating might sound scary, but it’s much gentler on skin than a grainy scrub, which can spread bacteria and even cause micro-tearing on the epidermis (the upper layers of your skin). 

If you don’t know your BHAs from your AHAs, look out for essential acids such as glycolic, salicylic and lactic, along with fruit acids, to help brighten and wipe away pore-clogging debris from your complexion. 

Beauty tip: To get the full effects from your routine, we recommend using a light hand to layer products – think a light serum, followed by your spot treatment of choice and finally, a soothing oil to help repair skin overnight. 

The oil will usually do one of two things; either it will help disperse the spot, or it will work at bringing any cysts or pimples to a head, making it easier to squeeze – yes, we all do it (use clean hands and have a mild anti-bacterial solution at the ready).

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Pro-Recovery Skincare at Boots Pharmacy in Mall of the Emirates and City Centres

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Pro-Recovery Skincare, Boots Pharmacy, visit visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Deira, City Centre Sharjah, City Centre Fujairah, City Centre Me'aisem, City Centre Bahrain and City Centre Muscat


This nourishing balm was created for post-chemical skin peels to help accelerate repair of the epidermis. We’ve found it also works well to soothe some irritations, especially if you’ve overdone strong acne products or chapped the skin due to excessive squeezing. 

Beauty tip: All skin types (even oily or acne-prone) need moisture. It might be tempting to use strong products to dry out the spot, but you could end up damaging the surrounding skin making it harder to heal, which could potentially leave a scar. 

A final word on acne:
We all have something we’d like to change about ourselves and while breakouts might seem like the be all and end all right now, your skin will eventually clear. Take a look at your diet, lifestyle choices and skincare products and make the changes accordingly. If the problem persists, book in with a dermatologist to seek professional advice. 

July 2018

3 Simple Décor And Tech Buys With Maximum Impact

Affordable interior buys to update your home instantly. 

How to decorate your home on a budget

How to decorate your home on a budget 


If your home is in need of freshening up, but your credit card is still steaming after paying for a summer holiday, fear not! Just follow a few clever design hacks and pick up a handful of affordable interior accessories to instantly breathe new life into your space. 

Crystal decanter by Crate & Barrel Dubai, available at Mall of the Emirates

Crystal decanter, Crate & Barrel Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates 


Take a leaf out of the design experts’ book and create a bar top in your living room – you don’t even need a dedicated bar cart as any high table surface will do. On a tray, display a cocktail mixer, a selection of glasses (tall tumblers at the back and small sizes up front) and add decorative items such as a small bowl of fresh limes, a silver ice bucket and a mix of crystal decanters. 

Doorknobs by Zara Home Dubai, available at Mall of the Emirates, Mall of Egypt, and Majid Al Futtaim City Centres

Doorknobs, Zara Home Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates, Mall of Egypt, City Centre Deira, City Centre Bahrain and City Centre Muscat


Switching out old knobs for a more colourful selection will make old drawers look new and unique with minimal effort – it’s also an easy way of adding a touch of your personality to standard IKEA pieces that some of your friends may have too.

Ceiling lamp by Home Centre, available at Mall of the Emirates, Mall of Egypt, and Majid Al Futtaim City Centres

Ceiling lamp, Home Centre Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Muscat, City Centre Bahrain, City Centre Mirdif and Mall of Egypt


You don’t have to be a tech genius to know that lighting has the power to alter a room’s ambience completely, so always opt for dimmers so you can control the setting throughout the day – anything too harsh can often make a place feel like a doctor’s surgery. We love these Moroccan-inspired ceiling lamps that reflect pretty patterns onto plain walls – beautiful light and art in one!


May 2018

The Definitive Guide to Dressing and Entertaining During Ramadan

Ring in the Holy Month with our style picks and top tips for hosting at home.

Trendy fashion and interior buys in Dubai for Ramadan

Fashion finds, and interior buys for Ramadan 2018


With the Holy Month on the horizon, we’re looking to the new season collections for stylish and modest outfit ideas to wear to Iftars, Suhoors and all the celebrations that Ramadan brings with it.

Burgundy jumpsuit 1 from Roland Mouret at Mall of the Emirates

Burgundy jumpsuit, Roland Mouret at Boutique 1, visit Mall of the Emirates


Stand out in this striking burgundy-hued jumpsuit by Roland Mouret. The draped asymmetric silhouette works perfectly under an abaya or kaftan. 

Pleated skirt at Zara in Dubai at Mall of the Emirates

Pleated skirt, Zara Dubai and Egypt, visit Mall of the Emirates and Mall of Egypt


Decked with shimmery panels, this swingy pleated skirt will be your go-to for all occasions during Ramadan. 

Box clutch from Karen Millen in Dubai at Mall of the Emirates

Box clutch, Karen Millen, visit Mall of the Emirates 


A glittering gold box clutch to add a touch of sparkle to your evening attire or abaya. 


Ring In the Holy Month At Home 

These chic décor buys will ensure you are the hostess with mostess this Ramadan 

Metal Lanterns from Home Centre Dubai available at Mall of the Emirates

Metal lanterns, Home Centre, visit Mall of the Emirates and Mall of Egypt


Create a Pinterest-worthy setting by placing fresh flowers and a scattering of mismatched metal lanterns along the middle of your table – Home Centre in Dubai and Mall of Egypt offer brilliant budget-friendly options.  

Top tip: Steer clear of towering vases and elaborate floral centrepieces that may obstruct your guests’ conversations. We find a selection of small bouquets in low vases works best. 


Cup and saucer set from Zara Home at Mall of the Emirates

Cup and saucer set, Zara Home Dubai and Egypt, visit Mall of the Emirates and Mall of Egypt 


This sleek cone-shaped cup and saucer set is perfect for serving post-Iftar tea and Arabic coffee. 

Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud candle in Dubai

Velvet Rose and Oud candle, Jo Malone, visit Mall of the Emirates


Add an air of luxury to your home with Jo Malone’s beautiful Velvet Rose and Oud candle. 

April 2018

How To Transform Your Bedroom For A Better Night’s Sleep

Get some serious shuteye in a stylish setting with these decorating ideas.

Bedroom design and decor tips, Dubai

Design buys and tips for your bedroom


They say your bedroom should be the neatest room in a home – a sanctuary free of all clutter and distractions with the sole purpose just for sleeping. Well, if like us, you are guilty of occasionally allowing your bedroom to become a dumping point for clothes, old magazines and enough bedside beauty products to fill a pharmacy, you need these insider tips to creating a more soothing environment, which in turn might improve your night’s rest. 

Set aside a few minutes each morning to properly make your bed – trust us; it will make getting into it at night even more enticing. If you would instead hit the snooze button, ditch the many throw pillows and opt for just one low-maintenance cushion in the centre to save precious time when you are in a rush. 

Go the extra mile and take the time to iron your bed sheets to give your abode a luxurious hotel-worthy bed. Nothing beats snuggling down under clean and crisp sheets after a long day. 

Keep mess to a minimum by placing a little tray or set of bowls on your bedside table to hold jewellery, hand cream and other trinkets. 

Storage units are vital to containing the mess and ensuring everything has a place. Buy coat racks, available from most furniture stores (including Home Centre Dubai) to hold handbags, dressing gowns and anything else that might otherwise end up on the floor.

Suite dreams

Three shopping buys to spruce up your bedroom instantly.

Marble tray for home interiors at Crate & Barrel Duba in Dubai

Marble tray, AED185, Crate & Barrel Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates 


Stylish cushion cover at Zara Home in Dubai

Cushion cover, AED149, Zara Home Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates 


Baies scented candle at Harvey Nichols, Dubai

Baies scented candle, AED242, Diptyque at Harvey Nichols Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates 

March 2018

2 Ultra Pampering Beauty Treatments to Try In Dubai

You deserve to treat yourself. 

Unwind with the best spa and beauty treatments in Dubai

Unwind with the best spa and beauty treatments in Dubai


Whether you’re feeling wrung-out from work or tired from dealing with toddlers, we think the quickest way to feeling instantly more revived is by booking in for a spa treatment. 

At Mall of the Emirates, you will find a variety of wonderfully pampering havens, ranging from super Zen spas to top hair and beauty salons.

We’ve made the rounds to report back on the best indulging deals to try this March.

Sisters Beauty Lounge

A pampering pod at Sisters Beauty Lounge

A pampering pod at Sisters Beauty Lounge


Tucked away by the valet parking entrance of the mall, Sisters Beauty Lounge feels like a world away from the busy city. Somewhat of a secret spot in town, the beauty salon is on speed dial for those in the know thanks to the top-of-the-line grooming services, ranging from skin to hair and nail treatments. 

Throughout March, Sisters is offering an exclusive deal to customers visiting the Mall of the Emirates branch. For just AED 399 you can enjoy a manicure and pedicure, eye-lift and lip enhancement, plus a 30-minute head, neck, shoulder and foot massage to release all signs of stress and fatigue. 

Two hours later, you’ll emerge wholly relaxed and groomed from top-to-toe. 

The Nail Spa

The Nail Spa offers excellent beauty deals in Dubai

The Nail Spa provides excellent beauty deals in Dubai


Wind down after a long week with a trip to The Nail Spa – a sleek grooming space nestled away amongst the shops. One of the region’s most popular pampering spots, this award-winning spa provides all the beauty services you might expect, plus a fantastic nail-art bar (the designs are limitless!) and a treatment room where waxing, facials and massages are carried out.

Get the royal treatment from the comfort of a plush sink-into seat with the TNS Multi-Tasker treatment. Priced at AED 305, the session includes a manicure and pedicure followed by either a 30-minute back massage or express facial. Perfect for those on the go, this ticks all the right boxes in one quick session.


At-Home Spa 

If you’re short on time, why not create your spa-level sanctuary at home by picking up a bag of treats from Rituals in Mall of the Emirates? Stock up on the brand’s luxurious Asian-inspired products, which range from richly scented candles to creamy facemasks and nourishing body oils.  

Bath Oil by Rituals available at Mall of the Emirates

The Ritual of Anahata Bath Oil, AED 84, Rituals, visit Mall of the Emirates 

February 2018

Expert Easy Make-Up Hacks To Take Your Look From Day To Night

Selfie-worthy beauty tricks to amp up your face in a flash.

The best time-saving beauty tricks to know now

The best time-saving beauty tricks to know now


Whether you are finishing off an essential brief at the office or trying to put the little ones to bed, attempting to get out the door on time for evening social plans never entirely goes to plan. 

If you only have ten minutes to spare to take your face from day to dancefloor-ready, you will want to read our quick tricks to looking fresher than you feel in record time. 

Wipe the Day Away 

No matter how pressed for time, we always start with a clean canvas. There is nothing worse than piling fresh make-up onto oily, old slap – the result often ends looking streaky and patchy. Stash a pack of make-up wipes nearby to quickly clean before spritzing with a splash of rose water or toning spray. 

Cover Up

No time for moisturiser, primer and foundation? No problem – just opt for a do-it-all BB cream such as Dior’s Hydra Life BB Crème. This multi-tasking wonder product nourishes and adds a healthy-looking veil of natural coverage. 

Dior Hydra Life BB Crème at Sephora Dubai available at Mall of the Emirates and City Centres

Dior Hydra Life BB Crème, AED357, Sephora Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif and City Centre Bahrain

The Eyes Have It

Blend a dab of light-reflecting concealer (we love the Candleglow Concealer by Laura Mercier) under your peepers set with a quick dusting of translucent powder. If you have time, add a slick of white or beige kohl along your waterline to instantly open and refresh tired eyes.


Bronze Age

Dust bronzer onto the sides of your forehead, cheekbones and jawline to easily sculpt. Forgo eyeshadow and use the same bronzing shade to add subtle definition in the crease of your lids. Top off with a few coats of jet-black mascara.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer at Sephora Dubai available at Mall of the Emirates and City Centres

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, AED148, Sephora Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif and City Centre Bahrain

Pucker Up

A punchy shot of colour on your lips is a sure-fire way to vamp up your look and mask a tired complexion instantly. Opt for a vibrant shade to suit your skin tone. This season we are reaching for berry reds and deep merlots for a quick hit of colour.

Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics at Harvey Nichols Dubai available at Mall of the Emirates

Lipstick in ‘Diva’, AED104, MAC Cosmetics at Harvey Nichols Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates

Disclaimer: Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point. 


January 2018

The Skincare Guide: Banish Breakouts for Good

Ditch the concealer and say hello to a spot-free glowing complexion.

How to get flawless skin in a flash

We show you how to get flawless skin in a flash


If the festive party season has left your pores parched and broken out, you need to read our quick-fix guide to getting glowing skin stat.

A clear complexion starts with a consistent daily regime, one that is carefully curated to suit your skin type, so have a look below where we reveal the game-changing products you need in your life now.

Deep Clean

The most important part of your skincare routine is the most basic, a thorough cleanse twice a day.

In the morning, reach for something gentle (we find mild, unscented formulas best), as you don’t need to remove any make-up, while evenings require something that will go a little deeper.

Ask any beauty pro, and they will tell you the trick to clear skin is by keeping it clean with a daily double cleanse, as just a quick once-over often won’t completely remove the day.

If you’re strapped for time, just use a make-up wipe or micellar water-soaked cotton pads to melt away make-up. Followed by either a creamy cleanser (for dry skin types) or balancing face wash gel (for oily or combination skin types), to ensure skin is left squeaky clean and ready for the next stage of your skincare.

Face wipes by Boots Pharmacy at Mall of the Emirates

No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes, AED50, Boots Pharmacy, visit Mall of the Emirates



Smooth Operator

In recent years, we’ve been swapping out our stalwart scrubs of the past for more effective acid formulas of the present. The mention of acid might sound scary, but the latest products are altogether far more beneficial and less abrasive on the epidermis (the upper layer of your skin).

Grainy scrubs can tear the skin and spread bacteria, while acid-based liquids or pads infused with glycolic acid will gently lift away dead cells (which can lead to pimples) and prep your skin for the serums and creams which follow.

Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel at Areej available in Mall of the Emirates

Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel, AED165, Areej, visit Mall of the Emirates


Spot On

Once you have layered on your serums or night cream, target any niggling problem areas or spots with a specialised treatment. Look out for products infused with salicylic acid, which helps to dry up acne, penetrate clogged pores and prevent any new pimples from popping up.

Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel at Harvey Nichols Dubai available in Mall of the Emirates

Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel, AED108, Harvey Nichols Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates

December 2017

Jetset Style Top Travel Buys For Instant Airport Chic

Heading on a winter getaway? Travel like a seasoned pro with our guide on what to wear in the sky


Follow Victoria Beckham’s lead and travel in style

Follow Victoria Beckham’s lead and travel in style


While it is all too easy to throw on a pair of sweats and head to the airport (especially on those early starts or red eye departures), why not spend a little extra time to look the part - you may even snag an upgrade!  

Scroll down below where we reveal the quick insider tips to flying like a pro.

•    It all lies in the pre-flight prep. If you have a morning flight, save precious snooze time by picking out your outfit and packing a carry-on bag the night before.

•    Welcoming a mass of travellers daily, airports and planes are not the cleanest public spaces, so cover up and avoid bacteria with long trousers, sleeved tops and always pack extra socks to wear on-board. Go the extra mile and buy special travel compression socks to help increase circulation and avoid swelling - you can usually pick these up in the terminal.

•    Avoid light colours, which may get grubby and opt for loose, layered pieces that offer maximum comfort  - the plane is not the place to wear a pencil skirt and spindly stilettos.

•    You can’t go wrong with soft, stretchy jeans paired with a cotton t-shirt and a cosy knit to ward off the cabin chill. Ditch heels and go for boots, slide-on flats or trainers. Travel wear doesn’t have to be boring - and who knows who you will meet.


The Carry-On Essentials:

Three essential finds for the plane  

Yellow bag by Mango Dubai at Mall of the Emirates

Yellow bag, AED119, Mango Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates


Both durable and stylish, this mustard yellow tote will fit all your travel essentials from reading material to skincare and snacks.


Starskin Face Mask at Sephora Dubai in Mall of the Emirates

Starskin Red Carpet Ready Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Face Mask, AED50, Sephora Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates


Chances are you will have a fair few hours to kill on the journey so turn your plane seat into a spa and give yourself a mini facial. After a thorough cleanse, mist your complexion with a toning spray, followed by a sheet mask (less mess than a pot formula) followed by a super hydrating cream - you will arrive with glowing skin.


Printed jumper by SJYP at Boutique 1 available in Mall of the Emirates

Printed jumper, AED1,310, SJYP at Boutique 1, visit Mall of the Emirates


Airplanes are notoriously chilly so wear a cosy knit when travelling. This bang-on-trend leopard print jumper is crafted in a warm wool-blend to keep you snug in the sky.

October 2017

The Best Furniture Shops in Dubai

ON-TREND is not just about what you wear; it’s about where you live. This season, the autumn/winter fashion carried off on the catwalk can also be carried through to your home. With a simple change in texture or accent piece, you can change the entire look and feel of a room.

Stylish and contemporary living room design ideas

Here are the interior updates you need to try now:


Raising the bar

Now the temperatures are cooler, it is the season to entertain. Portable bar cabinets are all the rage for the hosts. Crate & Barrel is the place to go if you want a good quality item that will last long after the party has finished. We love the steamer bar cabinet, made from solid ebony with a removable serving tray and solid brass hardware.


Steamer Bar Cabinet from Crate and Barrel

Crate & Barrel’s ‘Steamer Bar Cabinet’ is 6,169 AED


It’s a fair copper

When it comes to serving platters, drinks coolers and cutlery, this is the year for copper to shine. Adding warmth to any social gathering and brightening up any home, the hottest element on the periodic table is a great way to update your tableware.


Copper beverage tub from Crate and Barrel

 ‘Martin’ Beverage Tub is for 439 AED from Crate & Barrel

Scandi chic

The rest of the world has long admired the effortless Scandinavian style. IDdesign’s Scandinavian roots make them the authority on how to make sure your home is all things hygge. Their pale blue throw cushions are a simple way to embrace both the Scandi chic and the blue skies the Scandinavians can only dream of this autumn.


Pale blue cushions from IDdesign

Pale blue ‘Coco’ cushions in honeycomb design at 229 AED

September 2017

The Best New Beauty Buys: Spruce up Your Make-Up Look This Summer

The scorching weeks ahead call for easy beauty staples to beat the heat  

Supermodel Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr shows off her glowing complexion

With summer in full swing, we’re swapping full coverage foundations for tinted moisturisers (with maximum SPF), lipstick for long-lasting stains and powders for do-it-all skin sticks. It’s all about easy, low-maintenance make-up staples to see you through the heat.

Here we share the top three wonder products your beauty bag needs now.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer available at Areej in Mall of the Emirates

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen, AED205, Areej

Forgo heavy foundation and steer towards a lighter coverage. From CC creams to tinted moisturisers, the make-up market is saturated with plenty of natural formulas offering coverage with added skincare benefits.

Laura Mercier’s cult classic formula, the gold standard of tinted moisturisers, has a legion of A-list fans that all love the sheer dewy finish with an added bonus of SPF protection.

Beauty tip: While many products now come formulated with SPF, we recommend still applying a fresh coat before make-up. Look for a factor 30 or higher, even if you plan to stay inside most the day as UV rays can still reach the skin through windows.

Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour available at Kiko Milano

Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour, AED59, Kiko Milano

Powders tend to end up cakey and patchy during the sweatier summer season. We prefer an oil-free cream or easy-to-blend stick formula to add definition and all-over bronzing. Kiko’s super creamy contour stick stays put all day long and offers a natural bronze in just a quick swipe and blend - perfect for on the go.

Beauty tip: Always apply primer before using any kind of cream-based bronzer or blusher to ensure a smooth base and max staying power.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Sugar Mama, AED100, Sephora Dubai

A quick glance at our own make-up collection will confirm that we’re obsessed with liquid lipsticks. Ultra long lasting and packed with pigmented colour - what’s not to love. Check out Dubai-based brand Huda Beauty’s best-selling line of liquid matte shades at Sephora Dubai, but be warned they’ve been known to sell out quickly!

Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point.

September 2017

3 New Under-The-Radar Beauty Secrets To Know Today

From using white liner to wake up tired eyes to combing hairspray over brows, you need to know these life-changing industry secrets.

Supermodel Sara Sampaio

Supermodel Sara Sampaio is our summer beauty icon

From meeting the top make-up artists backstage to interviewing the world’s most sought-after supermodels, our team has certainly learnt a thing or two after many years of experience in the beauty industry.

While some prefer to keep their tricks of the trade under wraps, we’re firm believers in sharing is caring – so scroll down below where we reveal the very best (and time-saving) make-up hacks to try stat.

Eyes Wide Open

Not getting enough Z’s? We’re there with you – whether it’s staying up late to finish a PowerPoint before a big meeting or binge-watching the latest Netflix hit, lack of sleep shows and especially around our peepers.

Fake an 8-hours rest by carefully concealing with a light-reflecting cover-up under your eye area before applying just a dab of pale shimmery highlighter on the inner corners to illuminate. Now for our favourite part, work either a matte white or nude coloured pencil along your waterline to instantly brighten and open up your eyes.

Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil at Kiko Milan

Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil, Kiko Milano, AED49

We love the Jumbo double-ended highlighter pencil by Kiko, which comes with both matte and pearl shades.

So Long Strays
Tame unruly brows in flash by spritzing a little hairspray onto a clean mascara wand (you can pick these up from Sephora Dubai) and brushing upwards before smoothing stray hairs into shape. Opt for a non-sticky formula such as Boots Essentials Extra Firm Hold Hairspray – this speedy trick will also keep your brows in place for longer.

Boots Essentials Extra Firm Hold Hairspray at Boots

Boots Essentials Extra Firm Hold Hairspray AED9, Boots pharmacy

Amp It Up

While we have long loved dry shampoo for those days in-between washes (especially on holidays), we can use this multi-tasking product to create texture and volume.

Work a powdery formula (we prefer sprays) into your roots; allow absorbing any excess oil for a few minutes before thoroughly massaging in to get rid of any white residue. Finish with a quick brush or backcombing - and voilà, refreshed locks with a boost of body ready for styling.  

Batiste Dry Shampoo at Boots pharmacy in Mall of the Emirates

Batiste Dry Shampoo, AED35, Boots pharmacy

Disclaimer: Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point.

September 2017

3 Tricks to Take You from the Office to Party in Minutes

How to take your look from the office to after-hours in a hurry.

Victoria Beckham Formal Style

Up against the clock with just minutes to spare until you need to jet out the door? Don’t panic, we are revealing the super speedy tricks to taking your look from desk-appropriate to dancefloor-ready in just five minutes flat.

Sole Savers  

First things first, switch up your shoes. A pair of spindly soles has the power to instantly transform and dress-up any outfit, so keep a pair stashed beneath your desk at all times in case of last-minute social plans. Swap out plain but sensible work wear pumps for high open-toe heels like this pair of gold strappy sandals by Giambattista Valli.

Metallic sandals from Giambattista Valli at Boutique 1 in Mall of the Emirates

Metallic sandals AED 2,865, Giambattista Valli at Boutique 1 in Mall of the Emirates

Crowning Glory

While dry shampoo can work wonders, few-days-old locks are sometimes best pulled-back. Keep a comb and mini hairspray in your desk drawer for speedy hair solutions. For a quick up-do, sweep back your tresses into a ponytail and fasten with a chic metal clip. Set and tame flyaway strands with a spritz of holding spray to complete the polished look.

Metal clip and band from H&M Dubai in Mall of the Emirates

Metal clip and band AED 21 from H&M Dubai in Mall of the Emirates

Getting Lippy

A swipe of bold lipstick will elevate your look from day to night in a flash. We find matte formulas have more staying power over gloss but tend to be slightly drying, so prep your pout before by gently buffing a lip balm-coated cotton bud over lips to smooth and condition. Swipe on your colour of choice, blot with a tissue and you’re good to go.

Matte Lipstick from Inglot at Mall of the Emirates

Matte Lipstick AED 89 from Inglot at Mall of the Emirates

July 2017

What to Wear: Summer Weddings

A round up of the latest wedding guest dresses to ensure you stand out from the pack

Models taking a selfie

With summer being the most popular time to tie the knot, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to lend a hand and pick you out the best new season wedding guest dresses to buy now.

As a guest of the bridal party you want to look smart, stylish and appropriate – which means no wearing white (best to leave that for the bride) unless the dress codes states as such.

Look out for styles that flatter but which are most importantly comfortable to wear for a long day or night – you want to make you can dance until your heart is content.

We combed the rails at Mall of the Emirates and after much consideration; we have edited it down to three standout styles to suit any events during wedding season.

Scroll down below to view our top frocks ranging from high to low, all in stores now – get them before they go!

Silk kaftan Oscar de la Renta from Boutique 1 at Mall of the Emirates

Silk kaftan, Oscar de la Renta at Boutique 1, Mall of the Emirates

This pink silk crepe de chine kaftan is ideal for Middle Eastern nuptials. The intricate gold embroidered adds instant glamour so no need for elaborate jewellery, just a simple clutch, and stilettos.


Printed dress, Dolce & Gabbana from Harvey Nichols Dubai at Mall of the Emirates
Printed dress, Dolce & Gabbana at Harvey Nichols Dubai, Mall of the Emirates

Nothing screams summer wedding quite like a colourful dolce dress. Case in point, this printed poplin frock complete with a button-up bodice and A-line skirt splashed in their signature Bellissimo print.


Green satin dress from Mango at Mall of the Emirates

Green satin dress, Mango, Mall of the Emirates

A slinky halter neck gown swathed in emerald green satin? We’ll take it!


June 2017

Work It Out: Get Fit in Style

Heading on a beach holiday? Snap into shape stat with our easy-to-follow fitness tips and shopping picks

Supermodel Gigi Hadid wearing Reebok

This season we’ll be following supermodel-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid’s suit and donning our most stylish sportswear over the next few weeks – because, at the very least it might inspire us to hit the tracks before we jet off on our hotly-anticipated summer getaways.

Fit tip:
While sticking to what you know might work for some, we find mixing up a gym routine and trying new classes makes peeling ourselves away from Netflix a whole lot more appealing.
Once a week make it your aim to sign up to something new (and convince a friend to do the same) such as hip-hop dance classes or underwater spinning.


Sportswear Staples

The fash pack-approved gym kit you need now – all currently in shops at Mall of the Emirates.

ULT C & S PR long tights at Mall of the Emirates

ULT C & S PR long tights, AED475, Adidas, visit Mall of the Emirates

Ditch your plain black leggings for these bold colour-block training tights – it is summer after all. Crafted using climalite® fabric to pull moisture away (aka sweat) along with mesh inserts to help boost ventilation, these bright pants will keep you cool in the UAE heat.

Air Zoom Pegasus 34 trainers att Mall of the Emirates

Air Zoom Pegasus 34 trainers, AED549, Nike, visit Mall of the Emirates

Treat yourself to a brand new pair of colourful kicks to help jumpstart your summer fitness regime. Available in a variety of rainbow shades to fit your workout wardrobe.


Apple Watch Series 2 at Mall of the Emirates

Apple Watch Series 2, AED1,099, Apple, visit Mall of the Emirates

In short this savvy tech tool is a workout on your wrist. Not only will this sleek timepiece deliver messages and take calls, along with counting calories consumed while monitoring your heart rate and steps taken, you can also download numerous third-party fitness apps to constantly update your daily workout.


* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point.

April 2017

The Ultimate Workout Wardrobe

These stylish gym threads will have you back on your fitness kick in a flash

Supermodel and streetstyle star Gigi Hadid in New York

Whether you’re heading to a weekend yoga class or hightailing it out the door for a pre-office morning run, we say upgrade your exercise kit with a handful of new season buys. Trust us, they will make going to the gym a whole lot more appealing.

Get set to sweat in these stylish sporty essentials available at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

A fashionable and stylish sports bra from H&M at Mall of the Emirates

Sports bra, Dhs 129, H&M, Mall of the Emirates

A supportive sports bra should be your first port of call when it comes to building your workout wardrobe. This sleek style by H&M comes in fast-drying fabric with adjustable shoulder straps and a mesh racer back in contrasting pale pink.

Lululemon ‘Inspire Tight II’ from Mall of the Emirates

Running pants, Dhs 420, Lululemon, Mall of the Emirates

Lululemon’s best-selling ‘Inspire Tight II’ leggings are crafted using a four-way stretch and sweat-wicking fabric. Fusing both functionality and fashion, the running pants are accented with sheer mesh inserts meaning you can even keep them on for any post-workout plans.  

Metacon 3 trainers by Nike at Mall of the Emirates

Metacon 3 trainers, Dhs 699, Nike, Mall of the Emirates

Drag-reducing heel clips and flywire cables are just two of the high-tech features found on Nike’s new soles to help enhance your training. Available in numerous colourways, we love the bright lava orange style.

Blue backpack from  Zara, visit Mall of the Emirates

Blue backpack, Dhs 199, Zara, Mall of the Emirates

We’ll be reaching for this bright electric blue backpack before heading to the treadmill. Miles more stylish than a plain duffle tote, this bold piece also comes with plenty of handy pockets to store your training essentials.

Lace-like floral print Adidas track top from Mall of the Emirates

Printed track top, Dhs 300, Adidas, Mall of the Emirates

We love the lace-like floral print on this zip-up track top by Adidas. Part of a collaboration with Brazilian label The FARM Company, throw over your sports bra and leggings for on-the-go athletic chic.

* All prices are subject to change without notice at any time and are based on the brands pricing updates.

December 2016

Skin Saviours: Get Set To Glow

For many of us, December is a time packed with plenty of reasons to celebrate. However, the whirlwind events, parties and countdowns can wreck havoc on our skin, leaving pores dehydrated and in need of some major TLC.

We say treat your complexion as you would your holiday wardrobe – with thought and careful planning.

While we all know the importance of regular cleansing and moisturising, a roster of late nights calls for upping your game in the skincare stakes.  

From targeted complexion-boosting serums found at Sephora Dubai, to pampering skin treatments at NStyle, Mall of the Emirates is your one-stop-shop for all things beauty related.


Midnight Recovery Concentrates, Dhs286, Kiehl’s at Harvey Nichols Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates
Bursting with highly nourishing Evening Primrose Oil, Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Essential Oils including Lavender, this oil-based elixir will transform skin from lacklustre to glowing overnight.

Party beauty rule: No matter how late (or early) you walk through the door, always remove your make-up and wash your face - your skin will thank you for it the next day. As a last resort, keep a pack of cleansing wipes in your bedside drawer for a quick wipe before hitting your pillow – it’s better than nothing.

Hydrating Face Mask, Dhs59, H&M, visit Mall of the Emirates
Containing organic aloe vera, shea butter and jojoba oil, prep your pores before applying make-up with this rich face mask.

Party beauty rule:
Avoid using anything too harsh on your skin before a big event. This includes rough grainy scrubs or strong mud masks – both of which can leave skin irritated or red and blotchy. Instead, opt for a soothing mask filled with moisturising hyaluronic acid.


Rejuvenating Eye Remedy, Dhs355, Shiffa at Sephora Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates
This luxurious eye cream by Dubai-based beauty brand Shiffa is the perfect pep-me-up to firm, plump and decrease dark circles under your eyes.

* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point

For more information visit

October 2016

Promotions In Dubai

If there is one city in the world that could be labelled a “shopper’s paradise”, without any exaggeration, it is Dubai. From its conception and planning to its realization, the city was designed for shopping enthusiasts. Over the years, Dubai has held on its reputation as the foremost shopping destination in the Middle East, by offering some of the most coveted offers and promotions across various product ranges.

Some of the biggest of these offers, discounts and promotions are offered across the malls of Dubai during major shopping events, festivals and exhibitions. We explore a few such events below:

Dubai Summer Surprises
Launched to present Dubai as a leading international summer destination, this annual event is now in its 19th year. Scheduled during the months of August and September, Dubai Summer Surprises is the foremost summer shopping festival in the region. During DSS, leading malls like Mall of the Emiratesoffer a range of offers, promotions and entertainment opportunities. Customers can avail these offers and promotions on everything from consumer durables and goods to luxury items. The entertainment opportunities include fun and games for the entire family to relaxation and theatre events at the DUCTAC.

Dubai Shopping Festival
Dubai Shopping Festival is the largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the GCC region. The upcoming DSF is set to take place from the 26th of December, 2016 to the 28th of January, 2017. During this period major malls like Mall of the Emirates are set to delight shoppers from across the world with a plethora of unrivalled offers and promotions, chances to win lots and lots of prizes, and all new family entertainment opportunities every week.

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition
Gulf Information Technology Exhibition or GITEX is the biggest electronics fest in the UAE. This year’s GITEX, set to take place from the 16th to the 20th of October, will mark the 36th year of this annual event. During this period, make sure you pay a visit to Mall of the Emirates to explore the unrivalled discounts and promotions offered at its various electronics stores. You can also take part in the various raffle draws to win tons of amazing techprizes.

Seasonal Sales
To increase footfalls and sales,stores and brandsacross the UAE organiseend-of-season, mid-season, end-of-year and holiday sales. These sales are often accompanied by heavy discounts on a variety of products and apparelsfor men and women. A few examples are the Pull & Bear Midseason Sale and the Philips Eid Offers. To take full advantage of these discounts, it is important to keep yourself aware about the corresponding times during the year that specific brands and product categories offersales.

October 2016

GITEX Technology Week 2016

GITEX, or the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition is the biggest electronics fest in the UAE. This trade show features exhibitions, conferences, presentations, product demonstrations from some of the most innovative tech companies and R&D centres in the world.

This mega event attracts consumers from across the world and offers opportunities for companies, investors and entrepreneurs to educate themselves about the latest in cutting-edge mobile and computertechnology, collaborate with others in the industry and further motivate innovation across platforms.

This year will mark the 36thyear of GITEX and take place from the 16th to the 20th of October. During this annual week-long technology extravaganza, malls and retail stores across Dubai will offerunbelievable discounts and raffle prizes on tech products.

We explore some stores below.

One of the biggest names in technology today, Samsung’s vast portfolio includes some of the most technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing and desirable products in the world. The Samsung store at the Mall of the Emirates features a range of electronic products from the global giant, like TVs,mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, home appliances, laptops and much more.

Jumbo Electronics
Jumbo Electronics is one of the biggest multi-brand retail chains for electronics in the Middle East. An industry-leader for over 30 years, Jumbo Electronics today has over 35 stores across the region and offers products from brands like Apple, HP, BlackBerry, Dell, Epson, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Toshiba and many more. Additionally, it is the sole distributor for Sony products in the region. Jumbo Electronics is also well known for the extensive customer support it provides its customers.

Harman House
Harman House, at Level 1 of Mall of the Emirates, is a retail chain focused on the marketing and distribution of audio and video products from leading brands. At Harman House, you can find world-class speakers, home theatres systems, sound systems, lighting systems and LED, LCD and plasma TVs from brands like JBL, Harman Kardon, Infinity, AKG, McIntosh and others.

In addition to the above, a few other electronic stores where you might find discounts and promotions during GITEX are Apple Store, Axiom Telecom, Better Life, E City, E Max, Eros Digital Home, Fono, Grand Stores Digital, Hi Phone, IQ, Kansas Trading, Micro Digital, Micro Trading, One Mobile, and PRO X.

October 2016

Major Upcoming Events In Dubai

Known for its modern lifestyle and man-made wonders like the Palm and The World Islands, Dubai is one of the most progressive and lively cities in the Middle East. Whether you’re looking for traditional, local experiences or want to go off the beaten track, Dubai has a lot to offer for travellers and residents alike.

If you’ve already taken in the stunning views and experienced its unique nightlife, Dubai’s world famous festivals and events might be the next level of entertainment extravagance you’re looking for. We have listed out some of the upcoming events in the City of Gold.

Eid Al Adha Fireworks

From the 11th of September to the 16th, Dubai will celebrate Eid Al Adha with an extravagant display of fireworks at The Beach atJumeirah Beach Residence. The spectacular show is marked by its unique and fabulous artistry brought to life using patterns, colours and sounds.  After the show, the celebrations will move to the restaurants at The Beach.

Dubai Music Week 2016
Dubai Music Weekis one of the most important international music festivals in the Middle East. This musical extravaganza stretches from the 23rd of September to the 25th and will feature musicians from across genres like Rock, Pop, Arabic music and more. Award-winning performers, a-list celebrities and guest speakers will also make appearances in concerts, conferences, and exhibitions throughout the DMW.

Cityscape 2016
One of the largest annual real estate events in the Middle East, Cityscape is a coming together of a cross-section of professionals and agencies working in real estate. The event presents opportunities for investors, developers, architects, urban planners, economic development authorities and many others to network, connect, collaborate and share knowledge through interactive programs. Cityscape 2016 will be hosted at the Dubai World Trade Center from 6 to 8 September, 2016.

Adam SalehLive in Dubai

Adam Saleh, the American YouTubesensation is coming to Dubai as part of his long-anticipated world tour. He is best known for his personal and collaborative vlogs that have collectively reached over 400 million views. Saleh will be performing live at the DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates on the 22nd September in a show that’s sure to be packed with loads of fun and laughter.

DP World Tour Championship
The DP World Tour Championship is an international golfing event that’s the last tournament in the European Tour’s Race to Dubai. The Race to Dubai is a 12-month long championship that starts off in South Africa and encompasses 45 tournaments in 26 countries in four continents, before finishing off in Dubai. The DP World Tour Championship 2016 will take place from 17th to the 20th of November 2016 on the Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai and will host over 60 major golfers from around the world.

Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens 2016
The Dubai Rugby Sevens is an annual rugby tournament that’s held every year in Dubai, UAE. A part of the World Rugby Sevens Series and sponsored by the International Rugby Board, it brings together some of the biggest rugby players from across the world. This sporting extravaganza is marked by various types of entertainment and fun activities designed for the whole family. Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens 2016 will take place from the 1st of December to the 3rd at The Sevens Stadium.

The fun and games don't end here. The City of Gold has lots more to offer in terms of entertainment and events to explore.

October 2016

To The Spa

Whether you’re busy ferrying the little ones from school run to after-class activities or looming office deadlines and late nights at your desk, sometimes all you need is a little R&R.

Steal a few hours for yourself and enjoy a well-deserved break with a pampering treatment.

At Mall of the Emirates, you’ll discover a whole host of beauty spots and luxurious spas tucked away among the many shops and restaurants. From the newly opened The Nail Spa to long-standing favourite Sisters Beauty Lounge, get set to relax with our top three treatments to try now.

1. TNS recently introduced Evo Gel, a brand new long-lasting nail product. A step up from gel nails of the past, this tech-savvy treatment is the only breathable gel on the market meaning it’s also prayer-friendly. With over 40 shades to choose from, an oxygenating base infused with vitamins A and E will be applied to your talons. Your high gloss mani and ped will last for up to three weeks without causing any damage to your nails. While your talons are tended to, why not treat yourself to a soothing in-chair massage, such as the 30-minute Colour Therapy Massage where you can pick from five relaxing colours and scents, ranging from royal purple to orange.

The details: Evo Gel manicure Dhs150 and pedicure Dhs160, In-Chair Colour Therapy Massage Dhs150. The Nail Spa, visit Mall of the Emirates. Call 600 544 001 to book an appointment.

Evo Gel at The Nail Spa, Mall of the Emirates

2. Escape the city hustle and bustle for a few hours with a trip to the Softouch Spa nestled within the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates. This tranquil haven is offering a special deal throughout October where for just over two hours, you will be thoroughly pampered from top to toe. The spa session will begin with a 1-hour full body massage to gently knead away all aches and pains, followed by a 30-minute full body sea salt scrub leaving skin silky smooth and glowing. To top off the experience, your therapist will apply a series of under eye treatments by Pevonia Botanica to help rid dark circles.

The details: Monthly spa deal, Dhs950 for two hours. Softouch Spa, visit Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates. Call 04 409 5909 to book an appointment.

Pevonia Botanica C Evolutive Eye Gel, Dhs370, Softouch Spa, visit Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates

3. Only one hour to spare? Book in for a speedy blow-dry at Sisters Beauty Lounge in Mall of the Emirates to transform your locks from limp to va va voom in a flash. Whether you want sleek and straight or big bouncy curls, the pro hair stylist’s will deliver exactly what you’re after. If you have a few extra minutes to spare, opt for a repairing hair treatment such as the Kérastase Flash Ritual. You will emerge with healthy shiny locks and a spring in your step.

The details: Blow-dries start at Dhs120 and Kérastase Flash Ritual starts at Dhs100. Sisters Beauty Lounge, visit Mall of the Emirates. Call 04 379 2992 to book an appointment.

Kérastase Masque Chroma Riche Dhs215, Sisters Beauty Lounge, visit Mall of the Emirates


* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point

For more information visit







July 2016

Fitness Kick : Your workout wardrobe is about to get a lot more stylish

  • Aspen Chalets 01

    Let’s face it; quite often an extra hour in bed seems far more appealing than throwing on your trainers and pounding the treadmill. That is, unless you’ve splashed out on a brand new pair of Nike soles or have the latest Lululemon yoga pants to show off.

    We’re strong believers in stylish gym wear to help ease the strain of early starts. So here, we present you with a few of the most desirable pieces to find in the shops now.

    FromAdidas to Nike and Forever 21 Dubai, now more than ever the stores in the UAE shopping malls are bursting with athletic wear that offer both fashion and functionality.

  • Aspen Chalets 01

    Metallic trainers, Dhs1,395, Acne Studios at Boutique 1, visit Mall of the Emirates
    Be brave and invest in a pair of metallic sports soles. We’ll be wearing these bold silver sneakers both on and off the tracks.

    Style tip: Not all sneakers are made the same. Whether you’re exercise of choice is running, dancing or boot camp, be sure to select the correct trainers for different workouts.

  • Aspen Chalets 01

    Sports trousers, Dhs99, H&M, visit Mall of the Emirates

    Crafted in fast-drying functional fabric, H&M’s super sleek sports leggings come in enough colour-ways for every day of the week.

  • Aspen Chalets 01

    Orange top Dhs59 and shorts Dhs49, Forever 21 Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates

    Stand out from the rest of the class with this bright tangerine set from Forever 21 Dubai. The sports bra comes complete with a comfortable racer back and extra support.

Style tip: Sourcing the perfect sports bra is no easy feat. Be sure to opt for something that holds up under pressure and always hand wash or place in a garment bag on a cold rinse to avoid ruining the elastic.

* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point

For more information visit

June 2016

Smooth Operator: Insider tricks to achieving healthier locks

  • Smooth Operator

    While we’re all for a dose of vitamin-sea, the effects on our tresses can be tricky to combat. Salt water is especially drying to locks. Throw in strong UV rays along with swimming pool chlorine, and strands can end up looking frazzled. 

    We’re on hand to help with our top beauty buys from the Dubai shopping malls.

    We’ve all been told that sun damages skin, but did you know that UVA and UVB rays can also penetrate the hair cuticle, resulting in brittle strands, spilt ends and thinning.

    Beat the dreaded frizz with a moisture-charged oil. Coconut oil is a brilliant all-natural choice, which not only smells like a tropical cocktail, but also has natural SPF to aid in protecting your tresses. 

    While numerous hair care brands now offer coconut-infused products, you can’t beat a jar of extra virgin coconut oil from Carrefour supermarket in Dubai at Mall of the Emirates.

  • Smooth Operator 01

    Kérastase Soleil Voile Protecteur, Dhs150, available at NStyle Nail Lounge, visit Mall of the Emirates
    Bleach blondes listen up! A colour-protecting sun spritz is key to maintaining fresh highlights and avoiding yellow, brassy tones.

    Beauty tip: If you plan on sitting under the sun, always remember to take a wide-brimmed hat. This will help shelter the delicate skin on your face and your hair from damage.

  • Smooth Operator 02

    In-Between Days Dry Shampoo, Dhs29, H&M, visit Mall of the Emirates
    Avoid over-washing with harsh shampoos and opt for a dry shampoo instead. H&M’s new In-Between Days spray will refresh and mattify greasy roots while adding instant volume.

    Beauty tip: Chlorine wrecks havoc on hair by stripping your locks of natural oils. Always rinse your ‘do with clean water after taking a dip in the pool.

  • Smooth Operator 03

    Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak, Dhs150, Kiehl’s at Harvey Nichols Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates

    Treat your tresses to an intensive conditioning mask after a day in the sun. Packed with olive fruit oil and avocado, this rich hair pack by Kiehl’s will restore your locks to its crowning glory in a flash.

* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point

For more information visit

June 2016

Sweet Dreams Interior buys for the bedroom

  • Sweet Dreams Home  01

    We believe your bedroom should be a personal sanctuary. A place to switch off from the rest of the world and drift off into a comfortable snooze.

    While we’re all for colourful ornaments, bright art and a mishmash of printed pillows, when it comes to your bedroom, it’s usually best to keep the decor simple and clean. The fewer items in the room to distract you while you try to sleep, the better.

    The same applies to wall and colour palettes – opt for muted shades of grey, beige and white, which have been proven to help improve sleep patterns.

    The shopping malls in the Middle East are bursting with décor finds to fill your bedroom, from luxurious interior stores such as The One, Villeroy & Boch and Harvey Nichols Dubai, to more affordable buys found in Zara Home, Crate & Barrel Dubai and Home Centre.

    Scroll down to discover a few of our favourite small luxuries to turn your bedroom into the ultimate slumber zone now…

  • Sweet Dreams Home 02

    Jacquard rug, Zara Home, visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Bahrain and City Centre Muscat

    Décor tip: Throw in cosy touches such as a vase of fresh flowers, your favourite framed photos and soft rugs for either side of your bed.

  • Sweet Dreams Home 03

    Duvet cover set, Crate & Barrel, visit Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Mirdif

    Décor tip: Create your own mini hotel room at home by investing in good quality bedding. While there is no need to spend thousands of dirhams, do look for the highest thread count possible – these are usually the softest sheets and will last for many years to come.

  • Sweet Dreams Home 04

    Antique-style lamp, Zara Home, visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Bahrain and City Centre Muscat

    Décor tip:
    Lighting is key to creating a relaxing ambiance. Look for warm, yellow-toned lamps and scented candles to set the vibe.

For more information on store locations within our malls visit the below:






May 2016

The Art of Entertaining

The key elements to a successful dinner party can be broken down into four essential categories; food, lighting, music and the all-important seating plan.

Once you have the menu mastered, candles lit, playlist spinning and place cards arranged, it’s on to the table setting.

The most beautiful tablescapes are often the simplest. So ditch the over-the-top candelabras, mish-mash of ornaments and towering flowers (which can distract and obstruct guests’ view during conversation) and follow our insider guide to creating a memorable bash below.

The shopping malls in the Middle East are filled with décor havens, from luxurious interior stores such as The One, Villeroy & Boch and Harvey Nichols Dubai, to more affordable buys found in Zara Home, Crate & Barrel Dubai and Home Centre

When browsing the shops be sure to keep a colour-theme or style in mind to avoid your space looking cluttered. For example, do you want a blue and white nautical look, a dramatic monochrome palette or perhaps a relaxed bohemian theme running throughout? Make up your mind and stick to your vision.

Scroll down to discover a few of our favourite finds in store now…

Marble bread plate, Zara Home, visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Bahrain and City Centre Muscat.









Navy and white printed dinnerware,Crate & Barrel, visit Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Mirdif. Décor tip: Serving dishes and plates are an easy area to inject a little colour and personality into your table. Invest in good quality china that will stand the test of time, and look for porcelain collections with classic prints such as Chinoiserie or Ikat.








Glass pitcher, Zara Home, visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Bahrain and City Centre Muscat

Décor tip: Pretty pitchers and sleek carafes make for a much more elegant table. Decant water, grape and juices into glass dispenses for guests to help themselves.








For more information on store locations within our malls visit the below:








May 2016

Pamper Yourself at Dubai

Dubai is one of the best destinations in the world if you want to get pampered at salons and spas. The traditional Arabian love for scented spas and beauty treatments still lingers on this city. It is only fair to say that Dubai not only offers you an escape to have fun and shop, but also relax and rejuvenate. Here’s our guide to the best places to pamper yourself when you are in Dubai.

Sugar Urban Nails
Long lasting, clean and chip-free nails are like a dream for every woman. If you want great looking nails, Sugar Urban Nails is the place for you. Located at the Mall of the Emirates, Sugar Urban Nails has a range of treatments ranging from the popular crème de la crème manicure to sexy soles pedicure to take care of your hands and feet. For a gorgeous makeover for your nails, also try the N Style Nail Lounge.

Softouch Spa
Sometimes a simple manicure isn’t enough to refresh your tired senses. But a refreshing spa treatment can do just that. The spa services and relaxing massages available at Softouch Spa at the Kempinski Hotel, Dubai, attached to the Mall of the Emirates are bound to leave you rejuvenated. Pamper your body and mind with a traditional Balinese massage or an aromatic Moor mud wrap that will give you a healthy glow.

Frank Provost Paris
When it comes to taking care of your hair no one does it better than Frank Provost Paris. Frank Provost’s much-acclaimed Salon Frank Provost Paris has now opened at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. Walk into this award winning hair salon to pamper yourself with style.

Maison De Joelle Beauty Salon
Joelle Mardinian and her celebrity salon Maison De Joelle, at the Mall of the Emirates, are famous among the fashion forward of the Middle East. So if you have been waiting to get that life-changing makeover, let Joelle promises to bring out the best look in you. Visit Maison de Joelle at Kempinski, Dubai today.

Shine Spa
If a relaxing ambience and a rejuvenating experience are what you are looking for in a spa, Shine Spa at Sheraton, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai is the place for you. Shine Spa, Dubai provides an unforgettable spa experience. The luxurious facilities available at this spa include a private whirlpool, 5 well-furnished treatment rooms, sauna and Jacuzzi. Experience the peace that surrounds you as you treat yourself to Shine Spa, Dubai.

A spa experience in Dubai is unlike any other. So pick a place and book your next spa experience right here in Dubai.

March 2016

A Day Out For the Girls

Once in a while, a day out with the girls is great way to catch up and have some fun. If you need some ideas on what to do with your girl gang, we can help you plan a fun ladies’ day out in Dubai. Here are a few things you can do to add some fun to your day.

Shopping Spree: What better way to start a ladies’ day out than with a fun dose of retail therapy. Shopping is one of Dubai’s favourite pastimes. Located at the heart of Dubai’s shopping district, The Mall of the Emirates is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai. You can spend the entire day here, be it window shopping, keeping up with the latest trends or grabbing a quick bite with the ladies. From the top luxury watch brands and jewellers like Cartier and Breitling, to attractive lingerie and swimwear from Victoria’s Secret, the Mall of the Emirates has everything a girl needs.

Unstoppable Adventures: Head out with your girlfriends to Ski Dubai, the indoor ski resort at the Mall of the Emirates. Race with each other down the snowy slopes of this indoor ski resort, learn how to ski, ride the Snow Bullet or explore the Snow Park. At Ski Dubai you are sure to have a whole lot of chilled-out fun.

Foodie Indulgence: All that adventure and shopping will surely leave you with an appetite for some good food. Dubai’s Friday Brunches are all about eating and drinking to your heart’s content. The Friday Brunch at the Sheraton Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates is the perfect place to relax and unwind after all the excitement of the day. Take your pick from the buffet spread made right before your eyes with sushi, sashimi, succulent steaks and more. Walk into the Chocolate Room for a Chocoholic Brunch, with everything imaginable made with chocolate, including a tea blend topped with chocolate smoke. The Olea restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates has the best of the cuisine from Levant region. The other fine-dining establishments at the Mall of the Emirates are Almaz by Momo, BIELLA, Al Halabi,Din Tai Fung and others.

A Day at the Movies: After the buffet at the Sheraton Dubai head out to VOX Cinemas on Level 2 at the Mall of the Emirates to catch up on the latest blockbusters or if you prefer, chick flicks. Watching movies is a whole new experience here at VOX Gold at the Mall of the Emirates. Sink into the soft and extra-cushiony, fully reclining chairs with your friends. VOX Cinemas has partnered with Michelin star chef Gary Rhodes to bring a whole new concept of cinema viewing with VOX Theatre. Now you can enjoy gourmet snacks while watching your favourite movie.

Time to Unwind: Getting pampered with the girls is great fun. It gives you a chance to catch up on all the stories you might have missed. Relax and unwind with a luxurious pedicure and manicure at the N Style Nail Lounge at the Mall of the Emirates. They have more to offer than just pedicures and manicures. You can also de-stress with deeply indulgent hot stone treatments, paraffin therapies for hands and feet, invigorating scrubs, cleansing and purifying facials and a whole range of full body massages performed by highly trained and qualified therapists.

The Mall of the Emirates has options for shopping at Aldo, Charles & Keith, Forever 21, La Senza, Alice & Olivia, Cocoon, Kenzo and more. You can unwind at Softouch and Maison de Joelle, inside the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates or at the Shine spa at the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates and catch the best in entertainment at DUCTAC and Magic Planet.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan your girls’ day out.


March 2016

A Date Night in Dubai

Are you thinking of ways to impress your loved one over the weekend? Take your sweetheart out on a memorable date night in Dubai that’s sure to please her.

A snow ride
At Ski Dubai you can be transported to the Alps right in the middle of Dubai, where you can snowboard down icy slopes or take skiing lessons together. You can also get a bird’s eye view of the entire snow resort with a ride on the chairlift.

There is nothing more romantic than a candlelight dinner. Though really not an out-of-the-box idea, it always makes for a memorable evening. Book a table for two at the Olea restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel at the Mall of the Emirates for a tasting tour of the Levant region. Serving authentic cuisine from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, southern Turkey and Cyprus, also known as the Land of the North, Olea is a treat for your senses. Starting from Shankleesh (marinated goat cheese) to mezze platters and main courses like Palestinian Musakhan (juicy chicken marinated in sumac and olive oil) and grills, you can finish the meal with some sweet delights like Baklava ice-cream, an Olea special. Some of the other fine-dining establishments at the Mall of the Emirates are Almaz by Momo, BIELLA, Al Halabi, Din Tai Fung and Asha’s.

Pamper her
Pick a spa with a stunning skyline view and enjoy a couple’s spa along with your loved one. Book a rejuvenating couple’s package at the Shine Spa, Sheraton Dubai and shut out the world as you enjoy the sheer tranquillity of being with each other. Softouch and Maison de Joelle at the Kempinski Hotel are also renowned for their lavish and exclusive experiences.

Movie night
Nothing beats a date night that also involves a movie. Plan a luxurious movie date at the state-of-the-art VOX Cinemas Dubai. You can even enjoy gourmet snacks created by Gary Rhodes, the celebrity chef at the VOX Theatre. The finger foods feature fuss-free titbits like fritter balls packed with the flavours of a Moroccan lamb tagine, a super luxurious Panini with foie gras, truffle butter and veal bacon with a drizzle of maple syrup dressing and much more. VOX Cinemas believes in adding an extra touch to the experience of watching a film.

A Night at the Theatre
Dinner dates at restaurants are so overdone. How about a special night where you catch the latest performances at the DUCTAC Dubai? The state-of-the art theatre hosts the best shows from around the world. From the 543-seater Centrepoint Theatre to the more intimate 151-seater Kilachand Studio, a date night at DUCTAC promises to be quite unlike any dinner date or movie night. You can catch the best of Dubai’s art scene at DUCTAC.

If you know your way around this city, there is no place like Dubai to woo your beloved.

January 2016

Seasonal Detox: Healthy Foods To Help You Through The Festivities

With a roll of events on the agenda, there’s no time than the present to embark on a healthier eating scheme.

While there are countless detox juice programmes and diets on the market, we’ll be ditching fad diets and taking a more enjoyable route by cleansing our fridge of all things sugary and salt-laden, and replacing them with nutritious nibbles.

Detox foods needn’t be tasteless or unappetising, now more than ever the options for healthy bites are bountiful. So we’ve scoured the aisles at Carrefour supermarket in the Dubai shopping malls to find you our top three nutrition-boosting bites to try.  



You may have heard that these indigo berries are an antioxidant, but did you also know that just a handful a day can help lower your risk of heart disease and cancer as well as providing powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Blueberries also come packed with potassium and vitamin C.


This curly green veggie is not only a great addition to your morning smoothie, but makes for a tasty and nourishing supper too. Bursting with antioxidants, vitamin C and beta-carotene, kale is best enjoyed steamed and topped off with a sprinkle of fresh chilli and a squeeze of lemon.


This exotic fruit has major superfood credentials and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. We recommend cooking with coconut oil, which is a healthier alternative to other oils such as olive or sunflower oil. We’ve also taken to keeping a jar in our beauty cabinet to use as a moisturising treatment on hair and skin.

All items are available at Carrefour supermarket in Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif.

Visit, and


December 2015

Spa Sessions: Your Route To Relaxation Starts Here

Steal a few hours for yourself and enjoy a relaxing trip to the spa.

Dubai’s shopping malls are home to peaceful sanctuaries sure to leave you thoroughly preened and pampered from top to toe.




Here are two of the best beautifying treatments to try right now.


Treatment: Luxury Hammam Ritual

This two-hour treatment takes place in the spa’s Arabian hammam room. As warm steam works to open your pores, your therapist will begin by deeply cleansing your body with traditional black soap before vigorously scrubbing your limbs with a loofah. Every ounce of dead skin will be sloughed off leaving you silky smooth and invigorated. To top off the treatment, a nourishing body mask will be applied, followed by a relaxing hair wash and condition to complete the experience.

Book now: Dhs475, Sisters Beauty Lounge,City Centre Mirdif, call (04) 2843554


Treatment: Caviar Facial

Set in the calming surroundings of the Softtouch Spa, this luxurious caviar-infused facial is offered for both men and women. Using Pevonia Botanica Skin Care, the treatment aims to revitalise, hydrate and firm lacklustre complexions. The rich botanicals fuse vegetable extracts, crushed pearls and marine caviar to penetrate your pores, delivering a youthful glow in just 75 minutes.

Book now: Dhs995, Softouch Spa, Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, call (04) 4095909


* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point.

Visit, and

November 2015

In Bloom: How To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Fill your abode with fresh florals with this go-to guide to creating the most beautiful bouquets









Here, we reveal our top five florist tips to getting the most out of your bouquet.

  • Start with a colour scheme and look for flower combos that complement one another. Pick a base hue first such as white or green and mix in a few bright buds such as hot pink peonies or bright blue hydrangeas.
  • Once you have selected your flowers and vase, snip all of the stems at a pointed angle using sharp cutting shears. This will ensure your flowers soak up plenty of water. Re-snip every few days and change the water daily for a longer-lasting display.
  • The price of fresh flowers in the UAE can get costly, we advise mixing in a few faux flowers to help flesh out the bouquet. The One located in Mall of the Emirates has a huge selection of artificial silk flowers.
  • If you’ve run out of flower food, use a spoonful of sugar instead. This will keep the water from appearing cloudy and avoid bacteria growth.
  • Place your display near a window to make sure your flowers get plenty of sunlight, this will prevent the buds from sagging.
  • Stock up on all your favourite buds at Worood Florist located in Mall of the Emirates. This one-stop-shop offers fresh, artificial and dried flowers, perfect for at-home arrangements, gifts and events.

October 2015

Crowning Glory: The Best Blow-Dries In Dubai

Enjoy some post-shop pampering at one of the many hair and beauty hotspots in the Dubai shopping malls.





Sisters Beauty Lounge is one of the region’s favourite places for grooming. Head to either their City Centre Mirdif or Mall of the Emirates branch, where you’ll be treated to a thorough wash, scalp massage and blowout by one of the highly trained stylists. You’ll leave the salon with squeaky clean and shiny hair.
Price: Prices start at Dhs120
Book now: Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Mirdif, call (04) 2843554



Refresh your tresses with a trip to NStyle’s salon in Mall of the Emirates or City Centre Mirdif. After a speedy cleanse and deep condition in the sink, your ‘do will be whipped into pristine shape by one of the hairstylists. Whether you’re after sleek and straight or big bouncy curls, this is a great shopping pit stop for gleaming locks in under an hour.
Price: Prices start at Dhs100
Book now: Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Mirdif, call 800-NStyle



With vibrant hot pink and white décor, this glamorous salon in City Centre Deira is one of our favourite pampering havens. Whatever the occasion, book in for a blowout at Manuella Ladies’ Salon and confidently leave your tresses in the masterful hands of the pros.
Price: Dhs180
Book now: City Centre Deira, call (04) 2950605


* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point .

Visit, and

October 2015

Fix It: Top Spots To Get Things Mended In The Mall

Need something fixing, amending or altering? Head to the mall.  Here’s our guide on where to go in the UAE shopping malls to get things fixed.  






While there are plenty of tailors in town, finding somewhere that you truly trust with your precious threads is rare. Luckily for us (and you), we’ve found just the place. Al Madani, located in City Centre Deira, has become our new go-to spot for last-minute alterations. Whatever your wish, be it a speedy hem nip and tuck or updating an old frock, Al Madani will do a top job for an affordable price. They also have a fantastic selection of fabrics and will custom create a piece just for you.
The details: Al Madani, City Centre Deira, call (04) 2951133



With locations across Dubai, including Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif and City Centre Deira, Minutes offers a diverse range of services, including repairing mobiles, timepieces and shoes, as well as engraving, photo-copying, key-cutting and much more. Their motto is ‘get it done in minutes’, and that they do. Whether you need an extra hole punched in your belt, shoes reheeled or your watch strap replaced, this is the best place for speedy fixing.
The details: Minutes, Mall of the Emirates, call (04) 3408281, City Centre Mirdif, call (04) 2845124, City Centre Deira, call (04) 2950754

Visit, and

October 2015

Excess Baggage: Tips For Travelling With Kids

The upcoming school holidays offer the ideal opportunity to escape on a family getaway. Whatever your plans – a weekend road trip to a neighbouring emirate, a flight home to see relatives or even a far-flung destination abroad – travelling with tots can bring with it a fair amount of stress for parents.

First up there’s all the washing and packing, followed by games and entertainment to keep them quiet, next it’s onto the snacks to ensure their blood sugar levels don’t drop – all this, while attempting to relax yourself.




However, fear not, we’ve got you covered with our expert tips on how to keep your kiddies happy.



Be sure to pack a variety of different treats to keep hunger at bay. Ditch the salty crisps and sugar-laden candy (which can increase hyper behaviour), and replace with healthy substitutes such as berries, sugar-free granola bars and carrot sticks.
Visit Carrefour supermarket in Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif to stock up before you leave.



Card games and toys will go down a treat on long-haul flights and car journeys. Our favourite pick for little ones over the age of three is the Acting Card Game available from The Early Learning Centre for just Dhs29.
Visit the store at Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif.



Audiobooks and tunes are a great way to keep children amused on a long journey. Young ages will love the audiobook for Disney’s popular Frozen film. You can pick up a copy for Dhs29 at Virgin Megastore located in the Dubai shopping malls. Visit the store at Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif.

* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point


Visit, and

October 2015

Relaxing Remedies To Help You Snooze

We spend one third of our lives asleep, yet many of us aren’t getting enough rest at night. The average person needs between six to eight hours of shut-eye in order to function and stay healthy.

Stress, exercise and eating patterns all come into play with sleep deprivation. So hit the snooze button and get more Zs by following these relaxing ideas available at the malls in Dubai.





  1. Before hitting the hay, make a cup of herbal tea. A warm brew such as chamomile tea is a comforting treat to help you relax and unwind before bed. Visit Carrefour supermarket in Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif
  2. A tidy room and soft, luxurious bed sheets are a sure-fire way to aid with a longer sleep. Look for a high-quality thread count at interior stores such as Crate & Barrel at Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Mirdif, Pottery Barn at City Centre Mirdif and Zara Home at Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Deira.
  3. A hot bubble bath infused with aromatherapy essentials oils will relax muscles and put you in the mood to snooze. Try Sleep Luxury Bath Cream, Dhs75 by Bath & Body Works. Visit Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif

* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point.

Visit, and

October 2015

Go Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Millions of women worldwide have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. It is now the most common cancer in women with one in eight likely to be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.

However, there is some positive news: through regular self-examination, medical screenings, early detection, increased awareness and improving treatment options, the incidence rates have been declining in recent years.

Whether it’s been a personal health journey, a family member or close friend whose battling the disease, it is important to step up and learn about ways to support the cause.

Running throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign with the aim to educate and increase awareness of the disease. Over the years, through numerous fundraisers and initiatives, the foundation has raised the vital funds to provide mammograms for women in need. The charity organisation also pairs with leading fashion and lifestyle brands to release special edition pink ribbon items with a percentage of the proceeds going towards their mission.

While most people are aware, it’s easy to push to one side and overlook the important steps to detecting the disease in its early stages and doing regular examinations.

Majid Al Futtaim healthcare and malls has a selection of medical clinics on hand to help. See below for where to visit in the Dubai shopping malls now.



Conveniently located adjacent to City Centre Deira, this clinic offers breast ultrasound scans and X-rays for women in their Radiology department by a team of specialist medical professionals.

To book an appointment call (04) 2052777


Visit MedCare’s branch in City Centre Mirdif’s Central Galleria for regular mammogram and ultrasound scans. This leading medical centre has a team of top doctors trained in the treatment of breast disease.

To book an appointment call (04) 2840722 or visit

For donations and further information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please visit


* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point.

Visit, and


August 2015

Learn arabic in under five minustes

From friendly greetings to local courtesies, we share the top words and phrases to help improve your Arabic language skills.

Boost your linguistic skills with our guide to the most common Arabic sayings and phrases.

From how to ask a price to simple introductions and expressing gratitude, these easy-to-learn words will help you in everyday life.

Arabic, like all other languages, requires time and motivation, so try speaking, listening, reading or writing on a daily basis.


Here are a few key phrases to get you started:

Hi – Salam سلام
Thank you – Shokran شكرا
Welcome – Marhaba مرحبا
My name is ... – Esmee… إسمي....
Good morning –Sabah ala-kheir صباح الخير
Good afternoon – Masa' al-kheir مساء الخير
Yes/ No – Na’am/ Laa نعم / لا
How much is this? – Kam Thamanoh كم ثمنه
I'm lost – Ada'tu tareeqi أضعت طريقي
Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? – Ayna ajedu (al merhaad/ assaidaliah)? أين أجد (المرحاض/ الصيدلية)؟
What time is it? – Kam essah? كم الساعة؟
Good-bye – Ma’a salama مع السلامة
How are you? - Kaifa haloka/ haloki (f) ) كيف حالك؟
Good/ Bad/ So-So – Jayyed / saye'/ 'adee جيد / سيء / عادي
Nice to meet you! – Motasharefon/ motasharefatun (f) bema'refatek
متشرف / متشرفة بمعرفتك
Congratulations! – Mabrouk! مبروك
What is This? – Ma hatha (th as in that) ما هذا؟
Do you speak (English/ Arabic)? – Hal tatakallamu alloghah alenjleziah/ alarabiah? هل تتكلم اللغة الإنجليزية /العربية؟


If you’re keen to take your learning to the next level, pick up a language tape or a phrase book at one of the below stores in the Dubai shopping malls:

Virgin Megastore in Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif.Borders in City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif. For children’s books and tapes the Early Learning Centre in City Centre Mirdif.

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