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DUCTAC (Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre)

DUCTAC (Dubai Community Theatre & Art Centre) is the only non-profit, multi purpose creative centre in the region and is a hub for Dubai’s performing and artistic community. The centre’s outstanding facilities include a 543-seat theatre, a black box studio theatre, The Gallery of Light, dance and rehearsal studios, and 18 art studios, workshops and classrooms.

DUCTAC’s aim is to contribute to the creative and cultural development of Dubai by presenting and hosting a varied programme of events and initiatives. Performances, exhibitions, classes and workshops take place at DUCTAC every week, providing entertainment and education for the region’s multi-national community and visitors alike.

This eclectic, inclusive and dynamic centre was built and continues to exist for the community and we’re always looking for partnerships, patronage and sponsorship that will help us to develop and progress.


Curenta | Curated by JS Art Gallery (Owner: Suraj Laheru)

Date : September 16th - September 22nd 2017

Artists: Anupama Arora Mallik | Gajraj Chavan |Jagannath Paul | Joydeb Chatterjee | Ranjit Sarkar | Radhika Seksaria | Roshni Agarwal | Sabir Haque | Sheetal Kamble | Shalini Gupta | Shivani Mathur

A rare group art show Curenta will showcase the innovative and creative artworks on an international platform in Dubai, U.A.E. in 2017. This unique art exhibition serves to promote Indian artistic talent abroad.

Curenta has been conceptualized by a group of art experts, an artist, and an art gallery director. They bring together six collections to showcase innovative and creative artworks of several eminent, emerging and upcoming artists, showcasing different styles, techniques and mediums.

We Are All Born For Different and Unique Destinations

Date : September 22nd 2017


September 22nd, 2017

Motivational Speech in English

Age: 10+

This 90 minute long motivational talk will cover several important areas of improvement in human behavior.

Each and every human is born with an unique potential and talent. With help of his excellent communication skills, Mahatria will suggest transformational ways through which these unique talents that are dormant in us can be unleashed. We often tend to look at the achievements of others and try to be like them, then wonder why we are not able to achieve the same. In our childhood we had curiosity and sense of wonder, but as we grew older we slowly forgot about it and instead started copying what others are doing.

This motivational talk will be an one time transformational experience of teaching the following:

- How to identify ones own unique potential
- How you are created for a destination different than that of other people
- Simple and unique ways in which how one can get inspired by their own skills
- How to discover your individual potential and be a star in your own special way
- How to course correct and learn ways to happiness and peace

Mahatria has transformed lives of thousands of people across the world, so come and enjoy an insightful evening with him.

Comedy Khichdi – by Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi

Date : September 22nd 2017


September 22nd, 2017

Stand-up Comedy in English

Age: 16+

Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, a well-known Bangalore based surgeon, innovator, author and stand-up comedian, brings you a show packed with humour!

Dr. Chaturvedi, also famous for his YouTube channel - The Magaa of Small things, mixes the flavors of North and South Indian comedy through clean, observational and clever jokes that will have you in stitches regardless of your age.

From schooling and relationships to traffic and manners, his jokes are relatable and address the nuances from our everyday lives.

Dr. Chaturvedi has performed in over 100+ stand-up comedy shows in over 10 cities in India, but this is his first international performance. Make sure not to miss it!

Aart Souqk 6 presents Kolor Palette - A Group Exhibition | Curated by Ghayathri Desai

Date : September 28th – October 1st 2017

KOLOR PALETTE is an exhibition presenting a wide collection of thought provoking perspectives and visually arresting art works of 36 artists. They have shared their voices and their inner world on various subjects that have inspired and empowered them to define, explore and create their Kolor Palette in this exhibition... on love, happiness, power, strength, compassion, patience, peace, harmony and faith.

Click here to read the curatorial note by Ghayathri Desai

Artists Featured: Iromie Wijewardena, Purnima Dabholkar, Shirish Kathale, Sayantan Ghati, Kamakar Datta, Kajal Metha, Brijesh Upadhyay, Binna Parikh, Atul Bhalerao, Vipta Kapadia, Yuvraj Patil, Shailly Lal, Shyamala Venkatesh, Meetu Garg, Rekha Sharma, Kamal Devnath, Sandeep Handa, Nisha Mathrani, Dr. Sharmila Tulpule, Virendra Kumar, and more.

Le Petit Prince

Date : September 29th 2017


Kids' Show in French

Age: 5+

The Little Prince lives on a tiny planet, with a rose he nourished and fell in love with. He decided to leave the planet and explore the universe, meeting interesting characters along the way.

Based on the classic novella by ‎Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, which was voted the best book of the 20th century in France and one of the most-translated books in the world, Culture Emulsion brings another great performance for the French speakers of Dubai.

The Show

Date : September 29th 2017


September 29th, 2017

Fitness Competition

Age: 15+

The SHOW is the the one and only fitness talent show happening in Dubai 2017. This TV talent show is a competition focused on picking out the best male phisique in the context of fitness and muscles.

For more information please check The Show Facebook page.

ENBD Classics – The Wadali Brothers

Date : October 13th, 2017


Classical Music Series in Hindi

Age: 10+

The Wadali Brothers – Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali – are Sufi singers and musicians from Guru Ki Wadali in the Amritsar District in Punjab, India. Born into the fifth generation of musicians given to singing the messages of Sufi saints, the Wadali brothers dabbled in the most unexpected of professions before they became Sufi singers. Their first musical performance outside their village was in Harballabh Temple in Jalandhar.

In 1975, the duo went to Jalandhar to perform at the Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan but was not allowed to sing because their appearance did not pass muster. Disappointed, they decided to make a musical offering at the Harballabh temple, where an executive of All India Radio, Jalandhar, spotted them and recorded their first song.

The Wadali Brothers sing in the gurbani, kafi, ghazal and bhajan genres of music. They live in their ancestral house in Guru Ki Wadali, and teach music to those who promise to preserve it. They do not charge their disciples, and lead a very simple life.

They believe in the Sufi tradition deeply. They consider themselves as a medium through which the preaching of great saints is passed on to others. They have never indulged commercially, and they have only a handful of recordings to their name (mostly from live concerts). They believe in singing freely as homage to the divine one. They do not feel very comfortable in using electronic gadgets in their music, and stress in Alap and Taans. They believe that spiritual heights can only be attained if you sing unreservedly, in a free atmosphere.

Un Air De Famille

Date : October 18th and 19th, 2017


Comedy Play in French

Age: 12+

Every Friday night, the Mesnard family meets in the bar "The Quiet Father". Tonight, they’re celebrating the birthday of their daughter-in-law, Yoyo.

The mother, her daughter Betty, and her two sons Henri and Philippe have some old scores to settle, and the issues come out during the dinner. As if things weren't complicated enough, Denis the waiter gets involved...

Baptiste Lecaplain - Origines

Date : November 2nd, 2017


Stand-up Comedy in French

Age: 12+

Baptiste Lecaplain has become a must-see comedian of the French scene, thanks to his first show "Baptiste Is On The Billboard" (Baptiste se tape l’affiche), thanks to which he met over 150,000 spectators across France, and recently he finally returned to the front of the stage with his brand new one man show!

He tells us, with all the candor and self-depreciation so characteristic for him, about the journey that led him to take the stage. With his incredible talent for improvisation, he transports the audience into his absurd world.

The Al Hamlet Summit

Date : November 8th - 11th, 2017


Theatre Play in English

Age: 12+

The king is dead; long live the king. Only in this instance, the new ruthless ruler of this fictional contemporary Middle Eastern country is the former king's brother. He has not only taken the throne, but also married his brother's widow, and is setting about creating a more westernised state. Not everyone is happy about this. The playboy prince, called back from gallivanting his way across Europe, is in a sulk; a neighbouring country is amassing troops on the border, and an internal opposition group is distributing leaflets suggesting that the death of the previous king was foul play. Sound familiar? It is more than that. Kuwaiti playwright Sulayman Al-Bassam's reworking of Shakespeare's play "is a brilliantly simple theatrical conjuring trick that has Elsinore fitting a current day state." (The Guardian)

This is Hamlet (played in English) as you've never seen before. An explosive reworking and contemporisation of Shakespeare's classic directed and produced by Padraig Downey for Danú Dubai: a multi-award award winning Dubai based theatre group who recently brought a Middle Eastern Adaptation of A Doll's House to the stage with huge success.

"One of the most intriguing and intelligent pieces I have seen” The Financial Times

“The most daring piece of political theatre” The Times

"A fascinating reworking of Shakespeare… insightful and interesting" Evening Standard

George's Marvelous Medicine

Date : November 17th, 2017


Musical Theatre in English

Age: 3+

Art For All is a huge fan of all the works of Roald Dahl and we are delighted to announce that we will be bringing the smash hit stage show George’s Marvellous Medicine to the UAE in November 2017. Performed by the Birmingham Stage Company and adapted for the stage by award-winning children’s theatre director David Wood, this acclaimed production has already proved a sell-out in the four previous times it has been performed in the UAE.

Watch out for amazing sets, the incredible growing grandmother, gigantic farm animals and of course, lots of Roald Dahl songs and rhymes, which fans will be delighted to hear. This interactive show brings Dahl’s magical story to life for children and adults of all ages. It’s a must-see event.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

King of Stand-up Comedy – Vir Das

Date : November 17th 2017


Stand-up Comedy in English and Hindi

Age: 3+

Das became the first India-based comic to feature in the Original Comedy Specials series. That was streamed by Netflix, which have featured the likes of Kevin Hart, Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari and Russell Peters, among others.

The Bollywood actor and stand-up comedian recently bagged a gig on the American TV show Conan, hosted by Conan O'Brien, and totally nailed it.

Amiable, funny and interactive, the performer certainly lived up to his reputation – Three Weeks Edinburgh

Das has approximately 35 plays, over 100 stand-up comedy shows, eight TV shows, two movies and six comedy specials behind him.

He has received high acclaim across the board through various media and is termed as the King of Standup Comedy.

Magic Phil and the Enchanted Forest

Date : November 16th - 18th, 2017


Children's Magic Show Pantomime in English

Age: 3+

The UAE's Celebrity Children's Magician and Radio Presenter and Superstar of Silliness, Magic Phil, is back with a Spectacular Family Pantomime for 2017!

Following highly successful previous productions, Magic Phil has written, directed, and is ready to produce and star in this unique new pantomime adventure, 'Magic Phil and the Enchanted Forest' which he has hilariously adapted from the well known legend of 'Robin Hood.'

Magic Phil is the hero of NottingTurkeyHam Forest and, using his magic, he is trying his best to keep the forest a happy place. However, the wicked Sherif of NottingTurkeyHam tries to stop Magic Phil and is on a mission to lock him up in his jail!

Will Magic Phil remain the hero?

Will the magical woodland fairy and the magical owl be able to help him?

Will the sherif win?

Grab your bows and come with Magic Phil on an adventure through the forest at Dubai's best panto of the year! BIG magic illusions with audience interaction and participation, songs, dancing and belly aching laughter from start to finish for all the family in true traditional British Pantomime style.

Magic Phil's 2014/15 pantomimes won Time Out Kids Highly Commended Awards for Dubai's BEST Children's Production.

Rose Au Bois Dormant

Date : November 24th, 2017


Kids' Show in French

Age: 4+

On the day of her baptism, princess Rose is cursed by the fairy Nepenthes - when she turns sixteen, she will prick her finger on a thorn and die. But Nepenthes wasn't counting on Rose's crazy fairy godmother Mimosa’s, or on Christian, the big hearted prince.

J’aime Beaucoup Ce Que Vous Faites

Date : December 7th, 2017


Comedy Play in French

Age: 12+

Pierre and Marie, a young urban couple, is on their way to visit their friends Charles and Carole who just moved to the country side. During the trip, Pierre and Marie make fun of their hosts, even venturing into sharp criticism.

There is just one small problem: their mobile phone wasn't locked and they accidentally called their friends' landline. Charles and Carole listen in and don’t miss a word of this bitter conversation. Furious, they are ready to get their revenge...

Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra presents - A Classical Winter Wonderland

Date : December 11th, 2017


Open Rehearsals from 11am – to 1pm on Saturday, September 23rd in DUCTAC,, followed by orchestra Auditions for Violin, Viola, Cello and Wind instruments – Contact Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO) at 0507833578 for more details and sign up!

Classical seasonal music and a festive choir

Age: 3+

A Classical Winter Wonderland: nostalgic orchestra evening featuring popular selections from Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker Suite'', Mozart's 'A Little Night Music', timeless holiday movies and a fun, festive singalong for the whole family.

Santa's Invitation

Date : December 3rd and 9th, 2017


Musical Theatre in English

Age: 3+

Following a sellout tour Lollipop Productions invites you to a festive romp to the North Pole featuring all of your favorite seasonal characters.

Henry begins an amazing journey when he receives a personal invitation from Santa.

‘Dear Henry,
It is already December and all the elves in the North Pole workshop are working very hard. So many children have been good this year that we are all very worried that we won’t be able to get everything done in time for Christmas. So we wondered if you would like to visit us at the North Pole and help us out?
Our friends Frosty the snowman, Rudi the Reindeer and the nose nibbling Jack Frost will be there to guide you on your journey
We all look forward to seeing you very soon
Your friend
Santa Claus’

It’s fun, it’s interactive and it’s a wonderfully big adventure for the whole family. Come dressed as an elf - we always need more elves, and post your own letter to Santa!

It’s the most fun you’ll have this Christmas!

‘Santa’s Invitation is the Christmas gift that just keeps right on giving..’

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Date : December 20th - 29th, 2017


Family Musical in English

Age: 3+

H2 productions are delighted return for their annual festive treat for the whole family with Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

Following on from their wonderful productions of Cinderella in 2015, and Peter Pan in 2016, this will be h2’s 11th Pantomime production in Dubai. Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs uses a blend of experienced professional actors and technical crew from the UK with UAE based performers and juvenile chorus.

With a little help from her friends Muddles and the 7 Dwarfs can Snow White defy the Wicked Queen and meet her handsome Prince Charming? A succulent mix of evil, comedy, music and dancing combined with colourful costumes and stunning scenery we will transport you to the magical world of Pantoland!

We are sure everyone will live happily ever after!

Suitable for everyone from 3 to 103! Bring the family and enjoy this festive extravaganza.

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