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Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari, a visionary with the unique talent for dressing the modern, sophisticated woman. Celebrating his 40th year in fashion has this brand positioned as a key player in the industry.

With the transcendent vision of an artist, Elie Tahari is a man seduced by the truth and beauty of life. So it is no surprise that the most elegantly understated fashions of this century have evolved from the house of this impassioned designer, who believes clothing should be “quieter than the woman,” so that her true beauty can shine through. With this basic principle as his foundation, Elie Tahari has built an empire.

Elie Tahari’s collections have found success overseas with shop-in-shops in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, and Korea. Elie Tahari also has international free-standing collection boutiques in Istanbul, Kuwait, Poland and now the UAE.

Customers worldwide have come to equate superior product, workmanship, and detail with the Elie Tahari brand.

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