Art from the Heart photo exhibition

Programme of Events 

May 28 – June 6
Ramadan through the creative vision of emerging photographers  
Mashael Al Saie, Augustine Paredes and Sandra Catarina Ferreira, handpicked by Gulf Photo Plus, were tasked with portraying unique pieces from Etoile “La boutique” in a series that explores themes connected to the Holy Month. Five images from each artist will be featured in the exhibition until June 2. 

A competition held concurrently on social media will invite the mall’s followers to vote for their favourite images, and the person who took the winning image will receive a Mall GiftCard.

June 7 – June 16 
Mall of the Emirates through the lens of people of determination
Mall of the Emirates will celebrate the Year of Zayed by giving a group of young people of determination an opportunity to showcase their photography skills. The budding photographers will record distinctive elements of Mall of the Emirates’ interior, such as Ramadan decor and architectural details.  

The exhibition is in partnership with Asateer Events, which runs the Special Photography Programme. Asateer offers employment opportunities and creative activities to people of determination. The organisation was founded by Dubai resident Mohamed Younes, a special needs educationalist and photographer from Egypt. Its ‘Special Photographer’ project, launched in 2012, is for service users who have shown promise in photography. All undertake training tailored to their abilities and are supported with a programme of excursions, exhibitions and more.