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Best 6 Jewellery Destinations In Dubai

Are you planning to visit Dubai?
Then you shouldn’t just stop at the clothing stores, for Dubai is a paradise for all things bling. Its fashion scene
rivals that of New York and London, but the opportunities it offers for jewellery shoppers are unmatched.

Neither are your destinations restricted to the Gold Souk alone. As one of the premier shopping malls in Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates has a treasure trove of brands dedicated to the finest collections for every type of taste and style.

1. Al Liali

Al Liali specializes in 18 and 24 karat gold jewellery set with diamonds, pearls and semi-precious stones. You can also order custom designs which are crafted by them at their manufacturing facility, making Al Liali the perfect place to get a shiny bespoke gift. Their collections cater to every price range, so there’s something for everyone here. Liali also has an ‘Easy Payment Plan’ which allows you to buy the jewellery that you have been longing for and pay for it in easy installments, without straining your pockets.

Location: Ground Level, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
Phone Number: +971 4 3414080
Website: https://www.lialijewellery.com/

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Necklace from Liali
Source: http://bit.ly/2n267XK

2. Damas Les Exclusive

The Les Exclusive boutique contains some of the world’s most exclusive luxury collections from Damas, like Farasha, Harmony, Diamond Leela and Al Manthourah. Their designs are opulent and high-glam with a “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” attitude. They are also on the expensive side but definitely worth it. Damas’ collections also feature some of the best names from the world of watches like ChronoSwiss, Ernest Borel, Louis Moinet, and Parm igiani.

Location:  Level 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
Phone Number:  +971 4 3410633
Website: http://uae.damasjewellery.com/

3. Cartier

The legendary jewellery house has an elegant aesthetic that greatly appeals to those who like subtlety. If you’re looking for something simple and low key, check out their Diamants Légers collection of handpicked diamonds set in light gold chains.

Location: Level 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
Phone Number: 18002278437
Website: http://www.cartier.ae/en-ae

Diamants Légers Necklace from Cartier’s  
Source: http://bit.ly/2mM3yXO

4. Dhamani Jewels

Dhamani specialises in the wholesale supply of loose stones to jewellers worldwide, but they’re also happy to create personalised jewellery for their clientele. Dhamani’s store has ornaments with a spectrum of precious and semi-precious stones, including the rarer colored diamonds like yellow, pink, blue and brown. Dhamani’s DPINK collection features diamonds in hues of pink and comes in three exquisite lines called Princess, Dubai Cut and Butterflies.

Location: Level 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
Phone Number: +971 4 3413050
Website: http://dhamani1969.com/

DPink collection from Dhamani
Source: http://bit.ly/2mvoUHc

5. Pure Gold

If you’re partial to the craftsmanship of Italian jewellery, head to the Pure Gold Store in Mall of the Emirates. A Middle Eastern brand that caters to both European and Asian sensibilities, Pure Gold partners with skilled Italian designers to produce exquisite pieces. Their latest collection ‘Fareeha’ is nature-inspired and draws heavily on motifs of butterflies in the spring.

Location: Level 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
Phone Number: +971 4 3948841
Website: http://www.pugold.com/ae_en

A pendant from Pure Gold’s Fareeha collection
Source: http://bit.ly/2mvyYQd

6. Tiffany and Co.

Temptation is Tiffany’s jewellery wrapped in their iconic blue box with the white satin ribbon. Tiffany’s jewellery is known for their sleek, “American” aesthetic that contrasts with the ornateness of Middle Eastern jewellery. Shop at Tiffany’s store for gifts that will be forever treasured by your loved ones; the packaging as well as the piece!

Location: Level 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
Phone Number: +971 4 3410655
Website: http://international.tiffany.com/


Tiffany’s Infinity Collection

Source: http://bit.ly/2nqv7J8
If you’re staying in Dubai, it would be a shame not to pick up some gold for yourself. So go ahead, indulge!

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