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    Let’s face it; flying is terrible for your skin. From re-circulated and moisture-free cabin air to bacteria-ridden seats and surfaces, airplanes might be the most convenient way to jet around the globe, but they are certainly not the most hygienic when it comes to your complexion.

    What’s the secret to in-flight skin care? Arrive at the terminal prepared. For flights over four overs, you’ll need a hydrating arsenal filled with cleansing wipes, nutrient-rich creams and balms.

    Here, we reveal exactly what you need to pack in your carry-on to land looking fresh.

    Head to Mall of the Emirates in Dubai to stock up now before you travel.

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    Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution Make-up Removing Wipes, Dhs52, BinSina Pharmacy, visit Mall of the Emirates

    Wipe away the day with Bioderma’s soothing skin wipes. Free of parabens and hypoallergic, these gentle cleansing cloths will instantly fresh a tired complexion and remove any grime from the skin.

    In-flight skin secret: Flying is one of the only occasions where make-up is a total no-go. Foundation, powder, concealer and anything else will simply clog up your pores and further dry out your skin.

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    Shiseido SBN Pure Retinol Face Mask Set of 4, Dhs345, Paris Gallery, visit Mall of the Emirates

    While you may feel look Hannibal Lecter while wearing this white sheet mask, the beauty benefits will be well worth it. The concentrated treatment regenerates your skin’s natural recovery as well as injecting a rich does of moisture. Best bit? You won’t have to wash it off, simply remove the sheet after 30 minutes and massage in the leftover liquid serum for an extra skin treat.

    In-flight skin secret: We’ve heard that the industry’s top beauty pro’s turn their plane seat into a spa by applying a face mask upon take-off. While it may sound extreme, we have found it to be the perfect way to wile away a few hours in the air - and you’ll arrive looking a whole let better for it.

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    Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, Dhs130, Harvey Nichol’s Dubai, visit Mall of the Emirates

    The delicate eye area is always the first spot to show signs of fatigue and jetlag. Combat dark circles with a super hydrating cream such as this pot by Kiehl’s. The best-selling formula comes packed with vitamin-loaded avocado oil to replenish and protect your eyes.

* Prices shown are at the time of the visit to the mall and could change at any point

For more information visit http://www.malloftheemirates.com/

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