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The New Wave of Exercise to Try in Dubai

The launch of MOE ACTIVE lets you workout in Dubai’s favourite shopping destination

MOE ACTIVE at Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates has launched a brand new fitness initiative to help you lead a healthier and more active lifestyle; which let’s face it can be tricky to do in Dubai - the extreme summer heat melded with all-you-can-eat weekend brunches does not always make sticking to a healthy regime easily. 

The exciting new MOE ACTIVE initiative sees the mall host a variety of complimentary fitness classes throughout the week, offering a diverse range of exercise options to suit and challenge all fitness levels from beginners to fully-fledged gym fanatics.  

From Sunday to Wednesday, we will hold morning classes for early birds before store opening hours at 8:30 AM. After your workout, you can then grab a tasty and nutritious bite at one of the mall’s many restaurants and cafes before enjoying entertainment activities such as Ski Dubai or Vox Cinemas and a spot of shopping at hundreds of stores including Nike and Adidas Dubai.

We curated all of the daily classes to ensure optimal results and it is led by the region’s leading fitness instructors at FlyWheel Dubai - one of the most popular spinning classes worldwide, lead them.

Taking place in the cool comfort of the air-conditioned mall, scroll down below where we reveal the top classes to try.


The MOE ACTIVE Classes


A bonafide fitness phenomenon, this indoor cycling class is a high-intensity experience that includes climbs and descents while working arms with weighted bars, all carried out to a pumping playlist of motivational beats. Once your bike has been customized to fit your body and comfort levels, the instructor will lead the way and help guide you on target resistance levels and the RPM's to aim for throughout the challenging 45-minute class.

Mall of the Emirates’ FlyWheel class is held every Tuesday at 8:30 AM in the mall’s Ski Dubai foyer.


A top-to-toe body sculpting class fusing lightweight training with core strengthening exercises for the ultimate muscle-toning experience, FlyBarre is a fun, high-energy workout that delivers quick results.
Steered by a pro instructor (who will frequently switch up the routines to ensure you don’t get bored), the workout concentrates on key areas including; arms, core, thighs, and glutes. This class is the perfect full-body workout to whip you into shape stat.

Mall of the Emirates’ FlyWheel class is held every Wednesday at 8:30 AM in the mall’s Ski Dubai foyer.

Mall Walkers

If you use a step tracker, you will know that a trip to the sprawling Dubai shopping malls across the UAE can certainly burn a fair few calories. Enter MOE ACTIVE’S Mall Walkers class – a unique and sociable exercise initiative that invites participants to walk in circuits throughout the malls’ 2 million square feet. The power walk will be led by a qualified instructor who will demonstrate stretching sessions both pre and post-circuits.

Mall of the Emirates’ Mall Walkers circuit is held every Sunday at 8:30 AM. Participants meeting point is in the Ski Dubai Foyer.

Mall Circuits

Similar to Mall Walkers, this class welcomes guests to walk in circuits throughout the mall’s buzzy environment. Along with stretching sessions, your friendly instructor will demonstrate interval-training stops throughout the course of the circuits to ensure you get the most out of the workout.

Mall of the Emirates’ Mall Walkers Circuit is held every Monday at 8:30 AM. Participants meeting point is in the Ski Dubai Foyer.


To register and book your free workout session and learn more about MOE ACTIVE visit

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