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A Movie Experience Like Never Before

Remember the good old days of crowded movie theatres, shared armrests, and buckets of popcorn? Take a step forward, and welcome to the world of luxury cinema. As the leader in this field, VOX Cinema in Dubai delivers an experience in indulgence for moviegoers.

Imagine watching “Rogue One” reclining comfortably in a huge leather armchair while a uniformed waiter serves you curried hummus with goat’s cheese bruschetta. Let this not just be a fantasy; just head over to VOX Cinemas Mall of the Emirates. VOX has theatres for everyone from kids to adults, and each one is designed to immerse you in a world of magic.

VOX Kids Theatre
Planning something special for your little one’s birthday party? Book a catered birthday package at VOX Kids Theatre for your little guests. Have a blast in the private party area with adjoining gaming zone.  Enjoy the latest animation and action-adventure flicks surrounded by comfy seats and brightly-lit, colorful interiors.

Location: Level 2, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
Phone Number: +971-600599905
Website: https://uae.voxcinemas.com/ways-to-watch/kids

Inside of Kids theatre at Vox Cinemas

Kids at Vox Cinemas

VOX Theatre by Rhodes
This one is for the adults if you fancy a movie and some dinner. Theatre by Rhodes, in partnership with Michelin star chef Gary Rhodes, offers a sensual fusion of fine dining and cinema. You can relax in the exclusive private lounge while you order from the appetisers, main courses and desserts on the menu. Must-try items include Lobster and Chicken Caesar Tacos, Rhodes’ Foie Gras Panini with truffle butter and French fries, and wild mushroom biriyani fritters with mango sour cream. Oh, and the theatre is excellent too - it has reclining seats with adjustable foot rests, a call button for in-cinema butler service and even a pillow and blanket. The food is served to you while you enjoy the film. You can munch on the appetisers during the opening previews, savour the main course as your movie unfolds and then end with a scrumptious dessert as the credits roll out.  

Location: Level 2, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
Phone Number: +971-600599905
Website: https://uae.voxcinemas.com/ways-to-watch/theatre-by-rhodes

Vox Theatre by Rhodes

VOX 4DX Cinema
Have you ever wanted to plunge into those surreal ‘other’ worlds with ‘Dr. Strange’? Then 4DX Cinema is for you. Currently exclusive to VOX in the Middle East, 4DX Cinema theatre is for the movie fanatic who doesn’t want just to watch the film, but live it. Seats are equipped with motion simulators to sync with the fast-paced action on-screen. Cinema goers experience a range of effects such as wind, rain, lightning, fog and scents during scenes of high drama.

Location: Level 2, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
Phone Number: +971-600599905
Website: https://uae.voxcinemas.com/ways-to-watch/4dxb

As “real” as it gets at 4DX at Vox Cinema

VOX IMAX with Laser
Watching an IMAX film is a whole new experience from looking at a movie in a regular theatre - the sharpest, brightest, clearest, and most vivid digital images, combined with the highest level of immersive audio. The key is IMAX's next-generation digital projection technology. The only IMAX with Laser screen in the Mall of the Emirates, VOX IMAX delivers unmatched levels of color and contrast along with a 12-channel sound system for a powerful audio experience.

Location: Level 2, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
Phone Number: +971-600599905
Website: https://uae.voxcinemas.com/ways-to-watch/imax

Vox IMAX with Laser

VOX Gold
If you want to experience extra comfort and a more expansive selection of snacks and refreshments, VOX Gold is a perfect choice. VOX Gold’s reclined seats are tiered for unobstructed viewing, so no tripping over legs to find your place. You can then order gourmet snacks directly to your seat, whenever you want while enjoying the movie on wall-to-wall hi-def mega screens with surround sound. Treats include kamikaze shrimp and ice-cream with warm apple pie, along with a selection of hot dogs, mini-burgers and sandwiches. VOX Gold is a great venue for corporate events as well as private viewings, and they have packages especially suited to these needs.

Location: Level 2, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
Phone Number: +971-600599905
Website: https://uae.voxcinemas.com/ways-to-watch/gold

The lounge at Vox GOLD


Special Offers

Friday Fiesta Brunch

Spanish indulgence at its best only at Salero. Join us every Friday for the legendary fiesta brunch with delicious tapas, unlimited paella and great music.
From AED 295 per person including unlimited Spanish beverages and soft drinks.
Every Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm
To make your reservations, call +971 4 409 5888


Flamenco Night at Salero

Join us at Salero Tapas & Bodega at Kempinski Mall of the Emirates for a show of skilled flamenco dancers move to some of the finest Spanish beats and enjoy a selection of best Spanish tapas while watching the show.

Every Wednesday from 8 pm to 1 am

ManDays at Salero

Mondays are ManDays at Salero.

Every Monday from 8 pm to 11 pm men will enjoy 2 complimentary drinks and 30% on food at Salero.

Contact: [email protected] or +971 4 409 5888