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Mall Crawl: Adventure

17 Apr 2017

Do your children ever complain that there's never enough to do in Dubai?

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A Movie Experience Like Never Before

01 Mar 2017

Remember the good old days of crowded movie theatres, shared armrests, and buckets of popcorn? Take a step forward, and welcome to the world of luxury cinema. As the leader in this field, VOX Cinema in Dubai delivers an experience in indulgence for moviegoers.

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The Best Attractions for Kids in Dubai

05 Oct 2016

Dubai is one of the best places in the world to raise kids. Aside from the quality of life and high safety standards, the city has fantastic entertainment venues for children.

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Summer Time Fun for Kids in Dubai

30 Aug 2016

School’s closed for the summer break, and it looks like it’s going to be days of endless fun. But keeping your little ones occupied on long summer days can get a tad wearisome sometimes.

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Movie Night - The Hotly Anticipated Blockbuster Films To Watch In The Cinema This Month

13 Aug 2016

August brings a whole host of action-packed new flicks to enjoy at Vox Cinemas.

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Ramadan Special: Celebrate in Mall of the Emirates

14 Jun 2016

Ramadan Special: Celebrate in Mall of the Emirates

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