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Easy And Convenient Money Exchanges In Dubai

06 Mar 2017

Money exchanges can be expensive with commissions, credit card surcharges, ATM fees and other hidden charges. Do your spadework well ahead of time and make sure you know the approximate exchange rate for your currency. You can do it easily on currency exchange websites online. You just need to keep in mind that these rates do not include charges, fees or commissions.

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The Best Hotels In Dubai

05 Mar 2017

With over millions of visitors each year, occupancy rates in hotels in Dubai are always high.

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Tourist Places In Dubai : The Best Things To See And Do

10 Oct 2016

When you visit Dubai, there are three things you should not miss: shopping, entertainment, and the chance to catch snow in the middle of a desert.

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Dubai Landmarks

09 Nov 2015

Dubai always does it bold. From the largest, tallest and glitziest architectural marvels, the emirate’s landmarks do not by any means go unnoticed. Here’s a list of some of the most iconic of the many that define its skyline and adds value to the city’s culture for its residents and visitors; and therefore offers reason to be in your list of must-sees when visiting Dubai.

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Dubai Attractions

08 Nov 2015

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” - Susan Sontag Struck by wanderlust and looking for twice the experience at one destination? Then look no further than Dubai. Be ‘wowed’ as this cosmopolitan oasis cleverly combines the traditional with the contemporary.

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Places to visit in Dubai

06 Nov 2015

Dubai is a thriving metropolis with world-class attractions in every corner that are easily accessible. Dubai offers its discerning visitors, debonair businessmen and proud residents an excellent and affordable means of getting around, with plentiful taxis, comfortable buses and the majestic driverless metro system that efficiently connects this bustling city.

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