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DSS 2017: July 2nd to Aug 12th
Weekdays: 10:00 A.M – 12:00 midnight
Weekends: 10:00 AM to 01:00 AM



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2017 Ramadan in the Mall: The Tastiest Iftars to try in Dubai Tonight

21 Jun 2017

The ultimate feasts to break your fast in Mall of the Emirates

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Best Middle Eastern foods and where to find them?

02 Apr 2017

Hospitality is central to Middle Eastern culture, and food plays a huge part in that.

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Why is Dubai obsessed with coffee?

01 Apr 2017

Coffee is thought to have been discovered by an Ethiopian tribe in 1000 AD.

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Foodie Hotspot: Tribes

02 Dec 2016

A meaty feast inspired by the flavours of Africa in Mall of the Emirates.

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Foodie Hotspot - DEAN and DELUCA

05 Nov 2016

A new foodie favourite in Mall of the Emirates to try this weekend

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Foodie Hotspot - Apres

01 Oct 2016

A longstanding favourite in Mall of the Emirates serving up mouth-watering cuisine overlooking the snowy slopes of Ski Dubai

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