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Extraordinary Ski Dubai

05 Dec 2016

Discover Ski Dubai, the world’s best indoor ski resort and the first in the Middle East!

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Easy And Convenient Money Exchanges In Dubai

06 Mar 2017

Money exchanges can be expensive with commissions, credit card surcharges, ATM fees and other hidden charges. Do your spadework well ahead of time and make sure you know the approximate exchange rate for your currency. You can do it easily on currency exchange websites online. You just need to keep in mind that these rates do not include charges, fees or commissions.

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The Best Hotels In Dubai

05 Mar 2017

With over millions of visitors each year, occupancy rates in hotels in Dubai are always high.

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Best 6 Jewellery Destinations In Dubai

02 Mar 2017

Are you planning to visit Dubai? Then you shouldn’t just stop at the clothing stores, for Dubai is a paradise for all things bling. Its fashion scene rivals that of New York and London, but the opportunities it offers for jewellery shoppers are unmatched.

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A Movie Experience Like Never Before

01 Mar 2017

Remember the good old days of crowded movie theatres, shared armrests, and buckets of popcorn? Take a step forward, and welcome to the world of luxury cinema. As the leader in this field, VOX Cinema in Dubai delivers an experience in indulgence for moviegoers.

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Starry Nights: The Most Glamorous Evening Make-Up Looks

10 Dec 2016

Meet the most-followed girls of Instagram and follow their lead with these after-dark beauty trends

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How To Dress Like…Sienna Miller

10 Dec 2016

We look at the British actress and reveal how to get her stylish wintery look

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